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Like a Color presents its new products for 2015

Like a Color presents its new products for 2015

For this year 2015, Like a color revitalizes your interior with original stickers! To stick on the walls, furniture or chairs, they are glittery, colorful and will perfectly find their place at home. The editorial staff offers you, in images, ideas to boost and dress up your pieces.

The gingham style

Like a Color This film with small red, blue or yellow tiles is very easy to install on a smooth surface like stools. It dresses your furniture, your walls or your doors in the blink of an eye. Give your old furniture a second life with these colorful adhesives!

Even on tiles

Like a Color In a bathroom or kitchen, Like a Color stickers fit everywhere and adhere perfectly to tiling. This model with oval shapes will put a little originality in your room while remaining chic thanks to its sober colors.

Golden and silver furniture

Like a Color Give your chiffoniers a "70s" look with these golden and silver adhesives! The mirror effect will be very pretty in an interior that is both old and contemporary.

A little original touch

Like a Color A discreet decoration in your kitchen with these small stickers to stick on a splashback for example. If you do not dare the big patterns and the wallpaper too showy, opt for these small designs that will give an atypical side to your interior.

Stickers in pastel colors

Like a Color In a student apartment or a family home, these large colored stickers will give a real dose of good humor with their pastel colors.

Scale patterns

Like a Color For a vintage style, opt for these scales stickers. In a kitchen, the result is superb!

Revisited furniture

Like a Color Give new life and youth to your old furniture with these stickers to stick easily on closet doors for example. Available in several original colors, they will bring modernity to your furniture.

Colorful tiles

Like a Color No need to paint to give new life to your bathroom tiles, with the Like a color stickers, you can go further by daring in different colors.

Glittery stools

Like a Color For the most daring among you, these glitter stickers are suitable for stools as well as for walls. Redecorate your interior into a real star interior thanks to its wide choice of colored sequins.