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The former Les Bains Douches nightclub transformed into a luxury hotel

The former Les Bains Douches nightclub transformed into a luxury hotel

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A Mecca for Parisian clubbing, the old night club Les Bains Douches, which once saw rock stars, models and other artists from the 80s and 90s parade, is reborn from its ashes! Metamorphosed into a luxury hotel with restaurant, bar and avant-garde club, this hybrid place that is both chic, welcoming and bohemian will be talked about! Discovery.

A gleaming neo-brewery

Les Bains Paris A decor with a thousand and one crimson reflections, feminine curves and graphic patterns ... it does not take more to be seduced by this brasserie with an atypical architecture made of red lacquered columns from China, a inverted bulb ceiling, allegory of the drop of water, a black and white checkered floor and a wall dressed in a pixel-like wool patchwork. Simply sublime!

A grand bar

Les Bains Paris Located on the ground floor, near the brasserie, the bar, the real heart of the house, gives the day and night rhythm of the Baths. On the ground, we are quickly charmed by the two million tesserae placed by hand forming a checkerboard mosaic.

A bathroom on his thirty-one!

Les Bains Paris A bit nostalgic, the bathroom takes on the codes of the retro genre with an old-fashioned bathtub, black and white tiles inspired by cabochon tiles. The only concession to modernity is the contemporary marble niches.

An old-fashioned swimming pool

Les Bains Paris In the basement, the underground club but also its legendary tiled swimming pool with all modern comforts. Swimming against the tide, whirlpools and massages… enough to allow hotel guests to recharge their batteries in a jiffy.

Luxurious rooms and suites with a unique personality

Les Bains Paris Les Bains is also a hotel with 39 rooms and suites, all subtly unique. The decoration of the rooms mixes materials chosen from carrara marble and precious wood, as well as refined custom-made furniture, referenced, in homage to its distinguished guests: Charles Gainsbourg and Andy Warhol in particular. Between the Joy Division vinyl sleeves, the mermaids of the Bains and a beauty case concocted with care, all the rooms and suites preserve this touch of soft transgression that transcends style. Great art!

The replica of a legendary sofa

Les Bains Paris The highlight of the show: this sublime orange sofa with enveloping lines, replica of the famous Andy Warhol sofa!

Pure luxury!

Les Bains Paris Anthracite gray gainsbourienne carpet, king size bed dressed in a damask satin embroidered "Les Bains" and brown lacquered wall immerse us in a felted decor of an extreme refinement. Including a living room, a kitchen, a 42 m² terrace and original custom-made furniture, the 80 m² Les Bains suite has it all!

A beautiful terrace

Dressed in wood and decorated with black planters in an ultra contemporary design, the six terraces invite passing visitors to take advantage of this pretty little green setting in the heart of Paris. The dream !

Well exposed balconies

Les Bains Paris Just open the large bay windows of the hotel rooms facing south to discover pretty balconies on a human scale. Composed of small bistro tables and enveloping chairs, this space is the perfect place to have breakfast.