Touches of yellow in the decor!

Touches of yellow in the decor!

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To brighten up the house at the start of the new school year, we can count on yellow, which will remind us of the warm sun rays of summer. Easy to use in the home, it finds its place in rooms with touches whether on furniture, accessories or even the floor and walls. Demonstration.

Yellow on the walls

Castorama In this bathroom, you can only be in a good mood in the morning thanks to the yellow that covers the walls. And to avoid the "chick" effect, the paint only creates a base and the rest of the room remains white in order to provide just the right amount of dynamism.

Pop yellow in a studio

Fly In this colorful studio, yellow easily finds its place and adds a touch of cheerfulness. He settles on bookcases which respond to a yellow canvas which operates the transition between the living room and the mezzanine.

Yellow to highlight

Fly Here, the color enhances different elements of the room. The orange color highlights the arch that delimits the rooms, the green dresses the chairs and the yellow highlights the fireplace. The color comes to blow a very contemporary air to him whereas its lines are rather traditional.

Yellow to wake up the gray

Fly In this contemporary interior, neutral colors like gray, white and black are in the spotlight. And to warm up the atmosphere, we use yellow in a mustard tone with a trendy knitted pouffe, a gradient table and a few books on the living room table.

One touch of yellow

Fly Yellow is such a bright color that it only takes a little to give a new atmosphere to a room. In this room, for example, the only touch of color comes on a cushion and literally transforms the atmosphere.

A yellow wall

Fly To give a pop air to this studio, two sections of wall were painted in a sunny yellow. In terms of decoration, yellow blends with fuchsia for a colorful duo that gives the pop and offbeat style of this living room.

A yellow piece of furniture

Ikea In this room dedicated to leisure, cheerfulness is in the spotlight with touches of color brought both by the books in the library and by children's toys. But the centerpiece of this decor is the low piece of furniture that sports a yellow facade that completely brightens up the room.

Yellow in a retro decor

Ikea Know that yellow finds its place in a pop interior as well as in a more retro style like this dining room in which we install a yellow chair which brings a very bright touch to the rest of the room in rather dark colors.

A yellow detail

Ikea Finally, to brighten up your decor, you can also bet on a single detail that will blend into your decoration like this lampshade that blends perfectly with the red walls of the room.


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