These wall coverings that make our doors unique

These wall coverings that make our doors unique

The mission ? Personalize the doors of the house so that they are nothing like those of our neighbors. Access code? Carefully chosen wall coverings. A quick overview of our best ideas to steal.

Door stencil customization

Maison Décorative ### Customize the door with ease, it's easy with stencil paint. Example in image with discreet ornamental patterns which give chic to the handle.

The door melts into the wall

Castorama ### To make the door disappear from the wall, it is best to dress it with the same wallpaper as the decor. Neither seen nor known !

The door leaves the frame

Leroy Merlin ### If conversely, your desire is to get the doors out of the frame by enhancing them and drawing attention to them, the good idea is to repaint them in flashy.

The door takes on a trompe l'oeil look

Koziel ### The trompe-l'oeil wallpapers are excellent decorative accessories when you want to spice up the interior with a note of originality. A birch forest and the natural atmosphere takes place.

The door displays its function

Lapeyre ### Tailor-made engraving is ideal for renaming each room and knowing what is hidden behind each door.

Temporary decoration for the door

Moove Paper ### In order to revamp the ephemeral version door, we set our sights on repositionable wallpaper! Effect of wooden logs in winter, trees in bloom in spring. Each season has its customization ...

The door is adorned with patterns

Leroy Merlin ### A wallpaper style, a choice of patterns per door, that's a nice decorative tip to differentiate the rooms, all with fantasy.