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In Mariekke's little graphic kitchen

In Mariekke's little graphic kitchen

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Blogger Mariekke is from Bordeaux and passionate about interior design and Do It Yourself. This young woman, whose real name is Marie Froideval, recently arrived in the capital. She had to renovate her (very) small kitchen and managed to create a graphic, trendy and functional room! Visit in pictures!

Bring brightness

Mariekke In a narrow room, play with light as much as possible to enlarge the space. The white of the cupboards and the dishwasher reflect natural light. This is enough to save a few square centimeters visually.

A good paint job to modernize the room

Mariekke The shelves in this kitchen were already present before the makeover of the space. Above, there is the oven and the microwave. Mariekke repainted them, to replace the raw wood with a color close to the splashback, which immediately gave a facelift to the whole.

Bring color with a suspension

Mariekke This green lamp, signed Urban Outfitters, immediately gives a retro and colorful look to the room. It is ideal in a small space to bring warmth and give character.

Origami wallpaper

Scenolia This wallpaper, from the Scenolia brand, is the "Origami" model. It gives a graphic style to the room and dresses the kitchen in the blink of an eye! His particuliarity ? It arises with bedbugs! Nothing easier, just hang it, pan by pan.

Impeccable pose

Mariekke As you can see in the photo above, the installation of wallpaper with thumbtacks is absolutely perfect and requires less time and months of skill than a classic, sticky fabric.

Woven fabric for easy cleaning

Mariekke The wallpaper chosen for this kitchen is made of woven canvas, which allows it to be washed with a sponge and a little water. Ideal when the wall is located (like here) next to the hobs, and when a pan has splashed the walls a little!

Changing closet handles

Mariekke If you find your old closet handles, do like Mariekke! Invest in a beautiful existing model (preferably colored) or make them, and you will see that your room will be instantly more modern!

Make leather handles

Mariekke We probably wouldn't have thought of it, but creating a nice leather closet handle is a very good idea! This noble material brings a note of color to the room while being cheaper than models found in stores. Mariekke simply cut a piece of leather with a cutter, before making holes using a cookie cutter, once the piece folded on itself.

Pep's in the kitchen!

Mariekke Once the handles are made, all that remains is to fix them to the doors with nuts and bolts, and voila! The orange color of the handles contrasts with the green of the pendant light, which brings a good dose of good humor!


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