Ideas for dressing a window

Ideas for dressing a window

Indispensable to the brightness of your interior, windows take up an important part of the wall surface. Also, impossible to ignore them in terms of decoration. We decorate them and then dress them to make them a real asset of the room. Discover 10 ideas to dress your windows.

Photo curtains

Leroy Merlin To camp your decorative style in your interior, the curtains are your allies. For an urban style for example, you can opt for curtains that display New York motifs with the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or the American flag.

Japanese signs

Saint Maclou To decorate the windows with elegance, you can opt for Japanese panels that offer light partitions with a beautiful rigid fall. The panels are sliding in order to modulate the light according to the hours of the day. You can choose them in multiple fabrics and colors.

Fabric blinds

Saint Maclou To dress windows to perfection, you can trust boat blinds that allow you to adapt exactly to your openings. They also have the advantage of being able to modulate the light depending on whether you close them completely or only halfway. On the fabric side, you will find blackout models and others that offer a soft light.

Louvre blinds

Saint Maclou To play even more with the brightness of your room, choose the Venetian blinds which modulate the light using blades. The latter exist in wood for a natural style, or in very colorful metal for a pop and vitamin style. They will be very useful for dressing large windows.

Roller blinds

Velux Roller blinds have a slightly magical side since they disappear completely when you close them. On the other hand, open, they color the window as in this room where each window takes on a color.

Digital printing blinds

Home Collection To make your windows look like a work of art, some brands offer digital prints on blinds or Japanese panels. Your window can then create a real urban, natural or abstract decor according to taste.

Stickers for windows

Cocobohème The stickers will allow you to both give a very decorative style to your windows but also to protect you from prying eyes with this opaque model which acts as a real privacy screen. It will allow you to keep a beautiful light while giving you a little privacy.

Trompe l'oeil stickers

New images To give a new perspective to your windows, think of the trompe l'oeil stickers like these flower pots that settle on your windows to give them depth.

Color in the windows

Reflectiv And to decorate windows in an original way, know that there are protective films intended to protect you from the sun. When the light passes through the films, it distills a color that will bring a very decorative atmosphere to your interior.