Decorative gates for all styles

Decorative gates for all styles

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The portal of the house is the first impression that your guests will have of your "home". It is therefore important to take care of this first step towards your entry by choosing a gate in line with the style of your house. We offer a selection of 10 portals to help you choose yours.

A wrought iron gate

Lapeyre If you live in a house with southern accents, wrought iron will be ideal for your gate. Choose a fairly classic model in a dark black metal that will contrast with the ocher and sunny walls of the walls of the house.

A charming portal revisited

Lapeyre For a family home, we rather put on a classic gate that gives a charming style to the whole exterior. This portal is made of white wooden slats and has an openwork part on the upper space to bring lightness to the whole.

A black gate

Lapeyre For a contemporary house, we choose a gate made of wooden slats in a chic and elegant black color. We therefore prefer a solid model to give a sleek, designer look to the whole exterior and meet the style of the house.

A campaign-style portal

Lapeyre The portal of your house in the countryside must reflect your home. We put on a portal a bit outdated by choosing metal in a pastel blue color. Opt for a lower plate part and prefer thin bars for the upper part to leave the eye free.

A graphic portal

Castorama Do you live in a design house? You need a portal that is both simple and functional in clean lines. You can for example choose this model with white blades which gives a graphic style to the two leaves of this portal.

A classic portal

Castorama The classic portal will be installed in front of all the houses. It is a beautiful model in white wood that meets the barriers that line the gardens. It protects from prying eyes without locking you up and gives a charming and welcoming style.

A wooden gate

Castorama Do you want your portal to reflect your interior with natural accents? For this, choose a wooden model not too high with an openwork part to avoid the appearance too massive. Prefer light wood for a more welcoming portal.

A light gate

Leroy Merlin If you want your gate not to be too massive, you can bet on a model with wooden bars that will offer you protection and transparency for a gate that recalls bamboo stems. Zen style guaranteed.

A glamorous portal

Leroy Merlin For a feminine and elegant interior, we opt for a black portal which offers openwork parts and others massive for a model which reveals while protecting from looks like a chic dress.


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