Trend "herbarium" in decoration!

Trend "herbarium" in decoration!

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Lesson of the day: a chapter on botany decorative version, namely, multiple ways to adopt the "herbarium" look! Because these dried and pressed plants (to frame or imitate) sow the natural indoors at an angle that is both poetic and offbeat…

Triptych herbarium

Ikea Multiplied by three, the "decorative herbarium" effect tripled on the shelf. WE love !

Herbarium gallery

Maisons du Monde The art gallery look changes position, preferring to paintings and paintings, dried and pressed plants framed like real works ... A daring but judicious choice since the whole causes both surprise and wonder.

Arty herbarium

Ikéa If you have artistic flair, know that it is enough to paint or draw pretty flowers or green plants on card stock to improvise a decorative herbarium! Choose small formats to frame in several copies, and voila…

Playful herbarium

Ikea The children are also demanding their version of decorative herbarium. Easy, we pick up with them pretty leaves and flowers for a walk in the forest, we dry everything in a big book, then, once replapla, we frame them. Enough to awaken their love for nature in their bedroom!

Lyric herbarium

Ikéa What if the decor sang to nature? You only have to combine music scores with special botanical postcards to sow the effect on the walls…


Ikéa Lover of nature, all you have to do is collect your most beautiful finds from tree leaves in order to frame them like works of art! Here is a demonstration that makes you want…

Romantic herbarium

Ikéa Nestled in the middle of candlesticks, candlesticks and flowers in pots, this nicely framed decorative herbarium plays bucolic / romantic ... A decidedly spring bias!

Black herbarium on white

Ikea Schemes of freehand drawn plant leaves? Once framed, these simple pencil strokes form a pretty wall painting. Or how to revisit the herbarium style in a minimalist and arty spirit!

Herbarium in painting

Ikéa Artists painters, to your brushes! The other possibility to enter the "herbarium" trend is to paint plants! E, more, you will find the models directly at home.