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10 unexpected jam recipes

10 unexpected jam recipes

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To keep you fully occupied during the holidays, transform your fruit into delicious jams that you can take out for breakfast or a snack. And if, to make original, you were trying unexpected recipes? Strawberry and sage, cranberry and orange, cucumber and vanilla ... discover 10 jam ideas like no other to surprise your taste buds.

Orange and Tea

The Perfect Notice to delicate palates, this jelly is full of subtlety. Ideal for breakfasts at Christmas! (yes, we are already thinking about it). Source: Le Parfait - Nicolas Lobbestaël

Strawberries and peaches

Chef in training Strawberries and peaches, in a single jam? Here's a funny idea. However, according to blogger Chef in Training, the two combine perfectly. Tempted? Source: Chef in training

Apple and cinnamon

One Sweet Appetite Apple and cinnamon are two flavors that we used to find together in pie or crumble. So why not also combine them in jam? Source: One Sweet Appetite

Cranberry and orange

Apron Strings Reputed to be excellent for health, cranberries (or lingonberries) can ideally marry citrus fruits. For this, orange juice and zest are welcome when making jams. Source: Apron Strings

Raspberries and rhubarb

Jade Louise Designs Worried about the acidity of rhubarb? And if we added a few sprigs of rhubarb. An amazing recipe already tasted at the editor and highly recommended! Source: Jade Louise Designs

Plums and green cardamom

Diethood Do you find that your plum jam lacks flavor? Add a few green cardamom pods. These seeds are the stars of Indian and Asian cuisine and will add a spicy note to your recipe. Source: Diethood

Rose petals

Nibbledish Fancy a delicate touch to put on your sandwich in the morning? And why not a jam made with rose petals. Yes Yes, it's possible ! The proof with the recipe from blogger Sadie. Source: Nibbledish

Cucumber and vanilla

Like a Strawberry Milk To make this original cucumber and vanilla jam, follow step by step the recipe from blogger Fanny. You will tell us news! Source: Like a Strawberry Milk

Apricots and mango

SB Canning For summer breakfast, we dare on the table an exotic jam made of apricots, mango and lemon. Refreshing! Source: SB Canning


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