New Ikea kitchens for all styles

New Ikea kitchens for all styles

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For 44 years, Ikea has offered kitchens that combine aesthetics, functionality and resistance, all at affordable prices. For the 2012-2013 school year, the brand unveils its new catalog of kitchens adapted to all your desires. Discover in pictures 10 new trendy kitchens.

A bright kitchen

Ikea A real living room, the kitchen must be pleasant enough to accommodate all of the family's activities. We then put on a clear and bright whole by opting for sleek white furniture that light up the room. For the original decorative touch, we put on a gray blue for high furniture.

A kitchen at the heart of the house

Ikea Because the kitchen now fits perfectly into the whole house, it finds its place in the living room as well as the dining room. This kitchen model is a true master of ceremonies for the open space by offering furniture that structures the space but leaves it completely open.

Revisited bistro cuisine

Ikea For sure, the cuisine evokes the warm and very friendly spirit of the bistros. To revive this style at home, this kitchen takes these codes by modernizing them. The furniture takes on the dark color of the bars, the handles sport metal and there is dark tiling that is both functional and decorative as the credenza. Green awakens the whole for a new style.

A reinvented wooden kitchen

Ikea The wooden kitchen has nothing to do with the rustic kitchens of yesteryear. On the contrary, they bet on clean lines and very clear wood species which offer a beautiful light to the whole. Combined with white, this is the Scandinavian style of the sublimated Ikea brand.

A charming cuisine

Ikea So that the kitchen has a charming style with deliciously retro accents, we opt for a kitchen in lightly worked white wood with a few grooves on the doors. The retro style is played on small handles sometimes shells sometimes button and a superb wooden worktop for the warm aspect.

A modern kitchen

Ikea Followers of new trends will find their account in this kitchen which combines clean lines with the elegance of black while retaining the textured appearance of wood since we can see the veins of wood which give relief to the whole . With a blue splashback, everything becomes very decorative and original.

Contemporary white cuisine

Ikea Both design and very convivial, this kitchen skilfully combines clean lines with an association of warm colors. Indeed, the beige credenza softens the pure white of the furniture to offer a bright and pleasant whole.

Retro and practical cuisine

Ikea With its retro looks thanks to the glass cupboards, the old sink and the metal handles, this kitchen is not however very modern in its ingenuity. It offers optimized storage with plinth drawers installed under the kitchen elements.

Trendy retro cuisine

Ikea The retro kitchen has the wind in its sails to bring softness and conviviality to this room of the house. But for a more modern touch, the gray color settles on kitchen furniture and metro-style tiling takes place on the credenza.