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Christophe Fey's creations at Maison & Objet 2012

Christophe Fey's creations at Maison & Objet 2012

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During the Maison & Objet 2012 fair, decorator Christophe Fey exclusively exhibits his new collection of wall panels that is both chic and refined. Since 1912, the master of French leather has perpetuated the family heritage combining craftsmanship and modernity.

Shiny leather panel decorated with small Swarovski flowers

Christophe Fey Concept ### Guided by his creative intuition, the heir to a family of upholstered furniture, adorns the black Cordoba leather with small integrated flowers. Exclusively, a little touch of brilliance is added thanks to the silver rhinestones signed *** Swarovski ***.

Leather panel enhanced by Swarovski crystal

Christophe Fey Concept ### The upholsterer ** Christophe Fey ** brings a touch of radiance to Cordoba leather, the house's favorite material, by embellishing it with a luxurious product, crystal.

Precious leather panel decorated with Swarovski flowers

Christophe Fey Concept ### ** Christophe Fey ** brings a touch of sparkle to white leather by combining it with a sumptuous and delicate material that is crystal.

3D leather and foam wall panel <>

Christophe Fey Concept ### For the **** wall panel, the designer superimposes black leather on silver foam giving a 3D effect to the room.

Artistic leather panel with bird decor

Christophe Fey Concept ### The French artist gives free rein to his imagination by drawing beautifully on Cordoba leather, birds. We discover an original and artistic wall covering.

Contemporary embossed leather wall panel

Christophe Fey Concept ### In this living room, ** Christophe Fey **, an art craftsman is trying a new approach by betting on an embossed leather wall. The checkered appearance creates an atmosphere that is both sober and contemporary.

Elegant buttoned leather wall panel

Christophe Fey Concept ### On a plywood panel, ** Christophe Fey ** uses buttoned black imitation leather for an trompe-l'oeil and elegant result.


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