Cool off in the garden in summer

Cool off in the garden in summer

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In summer, it is not always easy to take advantage of its green space, especially in hot weather or scorching passages. Fortunately, there are ingenious solutions for young and old so that you no longer have to be outdoors when the thermometer gets carried away. The editorial staff has selected for you ideas for cooling off in the garden.

Install a fountain in your garden

Of the House

Beyond its aesthetic aspect, a fountain is ideal for cooling when you sunbathe on a deckchair or when you are gardening. Likewise, your children can easily dispense a little water on their arms and face without having to go back inside.

Take a frozen break

Blog Make me bite

When it is too hot, you are generally less hungry and you do not feel the need to eat. However, one can quickly make a sunstroke or find oneself bad if one has taken a little sun. Remember to prepare homemade ice creams, rich in fruit and low in calories, which will bring you water and vitamins. Children will ask for more! Source: Make Me Chew Blog

Install a spray bar


In the big words, the great remedies! If you like sunbathing by the pool or in your garden, opt for a spray bar that you will operate regularly to keep your skin hydrated.

Make drafts


While you are enjoying your green space, try to make the maximum of drafts in your interior, especially when the sun no longer enters your rooms. Try to keep your balcony cool and in the shade with a parasol to lower the temperature.

Adopt a fan


It is an object as old as the world but which has the merit of being effective. More and more brands are manufacturing colored or message fans and are thus modernizing this accessory.

Opt for an above ground pool


It is a good alternative to offer a pool to your children at a lower cost if you do not have an inground pool in your garden. Simply install the above ground pool on your lawn and fill it with water. Your children will be cool and can play outside longer.

Shelter your terrace


Do you think you are cool on your terrace rather than in your garden? Well think again. The sun heats the terrace coverings and the garden furniture. Install a shade or a canvas to keep your patio in the shade and cool.

Make funny ice cubes

Hello mom dodo blog

This is something to amuse children while refreshing them. Place plastic toys with them in an ice cube tray (preferably silicone) and put it in the freezer. A few minutes later, put the ice cubes in a basin and you will see the difference! Source: Blog Allo mom dodo

Put a mosquito net over a deckchair


Tan yes, but burn no! To avoid bad sunburn, install mosquito nets above your lounge chairs so that you are not exposed to direct UV rays and to be a little less hot.

Buy an inflatable spa

Leroy Merlin

Even more practical than the above-ground pool, the inflatable spa inflates during the summer and can then be stored very easily in your garage or cellar once the season is over. This will allow you to dip your feet in water and make your children splash around.

To be outside without really being


If you want to enjoy your terrace without staying in direct sunlight during hot hours, install a structure that will keep your patio from heating up while having the feeling of being in the open air. Add garden furniture and not beanbags or cushions on the floor to feel cooler.

Never leave your fogger


It is the accessory to always have to carry. The fogger is the lethal weapon to refresh your children if they do not want to go into the water and keep you hydrated. However, be careful to put the cream back on after use as water may cause it to come off.

Acquire a fan-fogger


This two-in-one device circulates the air in addition to diffusing a small mist of water, like a fogger, which will instantly refresh you. Place it on your veranda or in your garden. Your children will be able to play around without any worries.

Put a drink fountain close at hand

House Doctor

Whatever drink you want to put in it, although we advise you to put ice and water during hot weather, a water fountain makes drinking easier when outside. It is also more fun for children, who will therefore be more likely to go and get something to drink.

Install a water terminal

Leroy Merlin

Water kiosks are ideal in a little garden, because they are quite compact, but also on a large lot because they allow you to hydrate without having to cross the entire garden. Select a modern in the style of your outdoor space, stone or metal for example.

Find an alternative to the pool

Ubbink / Delamaison

You don't have a swimming pool at home but you want to have a large pool? Choose a large model of above ground wooden swimming pool, high enough if you have young children. You will just have to take a dip when you get too hot.

Protect your balcony or terrace from the sun

Jorand Closure Area

An awning or electronic shutter is very important if you live in an area where the thermometer tends to climb quickly in summer. If you manage to gain a few degrees from the outside, you can take a break in the cool between two games outside with your children.

Take a shower in your garden


This small accessory attaches to a garden hose. The goal ? Transform it into a kind of fountain or outdoor shower, without putting water everywhere, to water your lawn but also (and above all) to be able to cool the little ones. A kind of giant fogger!

Put children's games under a tree

Leroy Merlin

It makes sense, but it is nevertheless essential: children must play as much as possible in the shade to avoid dehydration and the risk of sunstroke. If you have a tree in your garden, place all the toys for the little ones but also a swing or a sandbox under the foliage.

A bottle with holes


A simple and effective way to refresh yourself! Thanks to a simple plastic bottle that you will have perforated, you can have fun with friends or family. Tape the garden hose to the bottle and it will distribute freshness without interruption. Source: Housingaforest

Water cushions


Fill large plastic bags with water and let your kids have fun all summer! For an even more childish effect, color the water with blue dye. Source: Tips and DIY

Colorful lounge chairs

Bright Bold and Beautiful

A small haven of peace installed in your garden! A little freshness with all these heats will not be refused. Sun loungers and shelters are welcome to read in the fridge. Plant 4 wooden poles, install a canvas that you will hang with string, and voila! Source: Bright Bold & Beautiful

A children's camp

Alanna George

Using simple hoops, a sheet and ribbon, build a pretty tent for your little ones yourself. Hanging on the trees, they will like to rest there or have a snack! Source: Alanna George

An outdoor bar

Domesticated Engineer

For aperitifs with friends, what could be better than a cooler bar available? No more back and forth in the kitchen! Thanks to this table-bar, you have something to drink at your fingertips. Source: Domesticated Engineer

Refreshing sponges

The Chic Site

For toddlers under the age of water bombs, these multicolored sponges soaked in water will do the trick. Cut strips of sponge that you will hang with string and voila. Source: The Chic Site

The outdoor shower

Poppy Talk

An "home made" outdoor shower created with a garden hose and stones for the shower tray. A small corner easy to install to cool off after hours spent in the sun! Source: Poppy Talk

A miniature water park


A mini water park for children! Colorful, it will adapt to all gardens and will make your children happy all summer. A plastic structure, foam fries and you can have fun all together. Source: Familylicious