10 smart storage spaces for entry

10 smart storage spaces for entry

An ideal decor must be looked after at the entrance. But thanks to beautiful and clever storage, making this challenge a breeze.

Space-saving letter carrier

Ikéa ### In the shape of a wall basket, this letter carrier brings together in a single point, newspapers, letters and magazines, without even cluttering a single square meter on the ground.

Multi-storage niches

Monoprix ### Another choice of storage in the first passageway of the house: storage niches. In the form of wall boxes, these shelves accommodate keys, letters, accessories…

Tote chest

Ikéa ### Under the wall coat rack, a large chest serving as an entry bench hides an accumulation of jackets and coats discreetly. A clever way to play the minimalism card.

Special magnetic bar for keys

Ikéa ### The most practical keychain is the magnetic holder! To avoid losing our multiple outfits, the best is to hang them on a magnet as soon as you enter…

Column shoe storage

Ikéa ### Spacious but space-saving shoe storage is possible! Demonstration with this column model which superimposes, from floor to ceiling, our favorite pairs.

Madness hooks

Leroy Merlin ### To be multiplied as desired, the wall hooks allow us to improvise a giant coat rack and save space. These coat hooks exist in many variations, and in quirky styles, creating fantasy from the entrance.

Wall-mounted storage compartment

Ikéa ### We like this wall-mounted storage compartment with multiple drawers to organize notepads as well as scarves, business cards, mail, MP3 or even keys. No more little things lying around and scattering once you have crossed the threshold of the house!

2 in 1 bench

Ikéa ### Nothing could be more practical than a bench set up in the entrance to allow us to sit down when we (take) off. This one does even better! With a shelf under its seat, you can store your ballerinas, tennis, pumps and shoes on two levels.

Diverse sewing mannequin

Maisons du Monde ### What if sewing mannequins became a coat rack? We dress it with our jackets, hats and scarves, and here we are equipped with original and fashionable storage…