The children's room has its head in the stars

The children's room has its head in the stars

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If the month of shooting stars has gone faster than expected, the stars have not planned to abandon us anytime soon! The children's bedroom, more dreamy than ever, is the first to let us know…

USA Stars

Fly ### The stars of the flag of the United States invite themselves on the cushions and the bed cover to create an American campus atmosphere in the children's room. Even its blue and red color code follows the "US Flag" movement. Heart stroke.

Under the stars

### Perched on the bed, a blue tent serving as a very enveloping canopy offers its occupant the luxury of sleeping under the stars without leaving their room.

Astral decoration

La Redoute ### Dressed in star patterns from the walls to the bed, this little boy's room seems to have found its inspiration in the Milky Way, to the delight of aspiring astronauts.

Star wall

Serendipity ### Fluorescent or not, the star-shaped stickers climb on the walls to set a decor as whimsical as dreamy…

My good star

Maisons du Monde ### Tattooed with a pretty star from head to toe, the toddler's bed seems to sail on a decor where all dreams are allowed.


Serendipity ### On this sumptuous retro yellow bedding set, a few silver star patterns have sneaked in beautifully. The little detail that highlights the tenderness of the decor.

Divine whiteness

AM.PM ### All white decor for this crystal clear, refined and light room. Star cushion and feather patterns seem to have given him wings…

Precious "star"

Serendipity ### The chic attitude of the little ones is here! Silver dressing room + starry golden cushion are the stars of this precious mini atmosphere.

Girly Stars

Fly ### Singular star for the bedside lamp, plural stars for bed linen, all in a soft and girly pink bobbin atmosphere. Welcome to the girls!


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