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Sleep in a trailer

Sleep in a trailer

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Fancy an original holiday surrounded by nature? The comfort and exceptional charm of the trailer is made for you! Many guests across France have adopted this new trendy camping concept. Here is our selection.

The Clos du Quesnay caravan: picturesque

Le Clos du Quesnay ### ** Sabine and Jean-François Morisse ** invite their guests in the shade of a 4 hectare Norman orchard in a romantic and cozy light wooden caravan. ### An unforgettable and restful stay guaranteed!

Belrepayre trailer: retro

Belrepayre ### For an unusual stay, the campsite ** Belrepayre ** established in the Midi-Pyrénées presents its ten trailers * airstream * both natural and vintage in a decoration going from the years 1946 to 1975.

The caravan of the Loire Castles: country

The Châteaux of the Loire ### Enjoy a stay in the green calm of the ** Châteaux of the Loire ** in a country-style caravan. Its dark wooden design accented with white takes us into a super soothing setting.

The trailer of the Ferme des Longues Raies: colorful

Ferme de Longues Raies ### In Lorraine, near the historic town of Verdun, ** Bénédicte Boulanget ** invites us to have sweet dreams in a unique trailer of yesteryear. Dressed externally in pink, green and purple, one quickly lets oneself be seduced by its zen and natural interior decoration.

The trailer of the Ferme du Pré Fleuri: traditional

Le Pré Fleuri ### Located in the heart of Puy de Dôme, the guesthouse of the ** Ferme du Pré Fleuri ** offers a pretty traditional apple-green trailer carefully furnished.

The trailer <>: warm

La Cachette ### Nestled on a hill in the heart of a small wood in the Gorges du Tarn, this trailer, both magical and unusual, lets you taste the pleasure of a holiday in the wilderness in an unexpected way. Whether romantic or a getaway with your children, this cozy little nest welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere.

The Moulin du Bois caravan: atypical

Le Moulin du Bois ### It is in the small town of Berric in Morbihan that ** Thierry Goujon ** has a charming caravan decorated in style that can accommodate 2 or 4 people at a time.


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