A family-style home decor in the kitchen

A family-style home decor in the kitchen

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To give a warm style to the kitchen, we opt for the family home style! Place par excellence where we meet to prepare and sometimes even take meals, it is a central part of the house. Here are some inspirations to give your kitchen a family home style.

Wood as a material

Lapeyre ### For a southern house atmosphere, opt for a very light wooden kitchen. This essence will bring out the brightness of the room and go very well with green for a chic Provencal atmosphere.

Authentic cuisine

Lapeyre ### To bring an authentic charm to the kitchen, we put on furniture with traditional lines. Black brings a touch of elegance. If you can, opt for a kitchen piano!

A friendly space

Goal ### The family home kitchen is above all a large room where the whole family can meet! If you have enough space, have a large table in the kitchen, this will allow you to install the whole family but also to benefit from an additional work plan.

A touch of charm

Goal ### For a charming atmosphere, we choose to highlight the furniture using two colors. Painted wood easily brings softness to the room. With some retro accessories, voila!