The new pet accessories from Truffaut

The new pet accessories from Truffaut

Our animal friends are also entitled to their return to school with a new collection of accessories by Truffaut. On the program: new beds for dogs and cats, funny huts for rodents, a decorative aquarium and a beautiful bird cage.

A carpet to take everywhere

Truffaut If you are used to taking your pet with you wherever you go, this rug is for you! In fact, your pet will be able to settle in comfortably to avoid the cold and discomfort of the ground and you will be able to transport it easily since the latter is rolling.

A very soft basket

Truffaut For your pet to sleep comfortably in his basket, this model has a very thick and soft cushion. The edges are high to wrap the dog well and make him feel safe.

A cocoon bed for the cat

Truffaut Because cats appreciate a certain intimacy, this basket offers them a comfortable cushion surmounted by a roof to protect them from prying eyes during their toilet. In suede, this basket is ultra soft.

A romantic bird cage

Truffaut To welcome your birds in the house, we put on a pretty rounded cage with a few swirls to give a romantic air to the whole. With its handle on the end, this cage can follow you outside to let your bird get some fresh air.

A house for rodents

Truffaut So that rodents no longer get bored in their cage, we offer them a small cabin where they can sit with a terrace where they can climb. We choose wood for the natural touch of the cage.

An urban basket

Truffaut If your pet prefers cocoons, you will also find a basket in the urban style collection. The exterior then imitates jeans and the interior offers a much softer fleece material.

A designer aquarium

Truffaut Finally, for lovers of goldfish, you will find this designer aquarium which sports a cube of water in a red interior. Small, this aquarium will not be able to accommodate a lot of fish but it will be very decorative.