10 headboards for children

10 headboards for children

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Original shapes, childish colors, children's headboards redouble their creativity to adapt to their desires for children. And since it is still you who decide, we have selected 10 atmospheres that are sure to inspire you.

Nature inspiration

Maisons du Monde Hut effect wallpaper, raw wood bedside table, green duvet cover, all that remains is to complete this natural ambiance with a tree-shaped headboard and voila!

By the seaside

Maisons du Monde Beach cabins invite themselves in the children's room with this wooden headboard. Blue, white and gray set the tone for the bedroom, so we opt for a total successful look.

For princesses

La Redoute To reproduce a little princess bed without having to buy one, we put on this drawn headboard. Once attached to the wall, it perfectly creates the illusion.


Matelpro If your children prefer simplicity, you can also offer them a contemporary headboard worthy of a large bedroom, like this one, all black and refined.

With a cover

Maisons du Monde Rather than completely changing the headboard, why not cover the old one with a pretty cover. We love this model covered with small gourmet macaroons.

Useful storage

La Redoute A girl's or boy's room, this headboard has no trouble blending into one or the other. We put all the decorative objects on top and put our books on the shelves. Practice not?


Maisons du Monde Since the liberty motif is more trendy than ever, we even dare it on the headboard. In pink fabric, it brings a touch of tenderness to the room. We love.

Aged appearance

Maisons du Monde For a retro-style children's bedroom, choose an aged-looking headboard that looks straight out of a garage sale. To bring a little color to the decor, we opt for a green model that invites nature into the room.


Maisons du Monde Little girls who love the girly atmosphere will be seduced by this elegant headboard. And to accompany it, what could be better than a small matching chest to install at the end of the bed to hide all their secrets?