10 hammocks, 10 styles

10 hammocks, 10 styles

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He is the accomplice of relaxation breaks: the hammock. Exotic, flashy… discover our selection of hammocks.

Hammock / tent to protect from the cold and the sun

Delamaison ### A hammock equipped with a tent roof? To do what ? To protect yourself from the sun or the cool evening breeze! This is an ingenious idea…

Baby hammock

La Redoute ### Baby also has the right to his hammock! Or how to replace the cradle in fine weather.

Hammock for treeless gardens

Delamaison ### The hammock with support is THE solution to enjoy a nap in the air when you have no trees or guardrails to attach it to.

Hammock for exotic desires

La Redoute ### Multicolored stripes for this hammock with tropical influences. Change of scenery guaranteed at nap time in the garden.

Hammock for small jigs

Ikea ### Everything that is small is cute! This is the case with this mini hammock, which is perfectly suited to small builds.

Hammock for sitting relaxation

Delamaison ### The swing hammock is on a roll. Less bulky than a traditional hammock, more fun than an armchair, it allows us to sit in suspended mode for privileged moments of relaxation.

Hammock for the seaside

Ikéa ### With its white and navy blue stripes, this hammock fits well with the seaside trend…

Hammock for romantic souls

La Redoute ### Unveiling a series of knotted fringes as well as a delicate cotton canvas, this hammock installed in the shade of a tree evokes poetry and romanticism: the relaxing break becomes dreamy and romantic.

Hammock for lovers of flashy colors

Delamaison ### Chic, color! The flashy and color block style also invades hammocks, brightening up gardens, terraces, beaches and balconies.