10 fashion accessories for the garden

10 fashion accessories for the garden

Gardening does not necessarily mean that you have to let go of style! Aware that women also want to be feminine in the garden, brands create fashion accessories to be very trendy even when transplanting salads. We have found 10 original accessories for you!

Complete equipment

The Chaise Longue To be well equipped and that all the elements are perfectly matched, we put on a set which includes a transport bag, gloves, an apron and all the small gardening tools. This range combines dark green with taupe for a trendy and elegant look.

A colorful apron

Nature and Discoveries To protect your clothes from dirt related to the activity of the garden, it is strongly recommended to use an apron. But to add a trendy touch to it, we put on stripes in bright and gourmet colors like this combination of fuchsia, red and purple.

Female gloves

Garden Girl To keep your hands elegant, even your fingers in the ground, Garden Girl offers practical gloves suitable for women's hands. But above all, their look is delightfully feminine with cuffs in pale pink.

Man tools girl version

Garden Girl To make the tools that usually put off girls by their masculine side more welcoming, we put on a delicate pink color. This saw then seems much less impressive and would almost turn into a fashion accessory.

Glamorous boots

Garden Girl Because shoes are the fetish accessory for girls, it is impossible to put your feet in these vulgar rubber boots! We prefer rather clear boots adorned with delicate small flowers and with a pretty pink cuff.

A practical and feminine apron

Garden Girl To store tools, men often use dedicated belts. Well women also have their model with this short apron and its pocket in which you will slip your garden accessories. In terms of style, the flowers bring a feminine and bucolic touch.

A trendy pruner

Garden Girl Women are often trendy to the tips of the nails! Here, they go even further and will go even further up to the pruning shears which features a soft pink associated with wooden handles for a retro-romantic style.

Noble materials

Nature and Discoveries If Madame is a lover of beautiful materials, she may prefer this pruning shears and its leather handles for a very soft touch. Leather goods also extend to garden accessories!

A decorative watering can

Who is Paul? No more sad garden accessories! We opt for original forms in the manner of this circular watering can and we put on feminine colors like this fuchsia pink for the decoration of the garden takes on pop looks.