From floor to ceiling, my balcony like new

From floor to ceiling, my balcony like new

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The sun is out and you want to spend time alone or with friends on your balcony? First of all, it must first be given a facelift. Repaint the railing, change the furniture, install a new floor, it's easy to give it a second lease of life with some clever ideas.

Install a new planter

Ikéa To decorate the balcony with the arrival of sunny days, we invest in new bins. Our favorite for the season: a wooden model that can accommodate two large pots of flowers.

Repaint the railing or the wall

Leroy Merlin Renovating your balcony also involves renovating the wall and / or the railing. A can of paint, a few brushes, a little elbow grease and voila!

Hanging planters

Ikéa Once the railing has been repainted, it's time to decorate it with pretty planters that you just hang. Colorful or neutral, large or small, it all depends on your desires and your space.

Install a small side table

Ikéa A small side table is always very useful on both a small and a large balcony. Easy to attach to the wall, it allows you to have breakfast or even garden.

Create a green wall

Castorama To give yourself a little privacy on your balcony, you install a large plant wall on the side facing the neighbor. In addition to being decorative, it can also be very useful when planting some aromatic herbs.

Build a small greenhouse

Delamaison If you enjoy gardening and are lucky enough to have a large balcony, you can invest in a small glass greenhouse. In addition to being decorative, you can make it a small vegetable patch.

Laying wooden tiles

Leroy Merlin Inexpensive and yet very trendy, wooden tiles are the new allies for balconies. Easy to install, they will bring a new look to the decor in no time.

Invest in new furniture

Oogarden If you are tired of your garden furniture or it is unrecoverable, it is time to invest in a new table and new chairs. In order not to overload the balcony, we choose a very practical small square model.

Putting grass

Leroy Merlin To create a little corner of greenery on the balcony, why not put a little artificial grass? With a few shrubs and a few green plants, it almost feels like a garden.