A room entirely dedicated to my dressing room

A room entirely dedicated to my dressing room

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Are your cupboards and dressers overflowing and you start putting away your clothes in any room? Stop! Give your favorite clothes a room of their own where they will avoid wrinkling when piled up. Find the one that will best suit your interior in our selection.

A wooden wardrobe

Mobalpa Since we devote a room to him alone, the dressing room must be in trend so what could be better than a wooden model with a natural spirit? To accessorize it, add some green plants and voila!

A simple wardrobe

Sogal The wardrobe also knows how to play with soft colors. We particularly like this gray model, which creates a refined atmosphere with ease.

A male wardrobe

Quadro Men also have the right to their large dressing room to store all their costumes and their Sunday outfits. To make this piece look like them, we choose a dark and shiny wood very masculine.

A mirrored dressing room

Living environment The advantage of mirrored dressing is that it offers the same amount of storage on one side as on the other. Like that no jealous, madam does not encroach on the shelves and the racks of sir!

A dressing room in the bedroom

Neves In a large bedroom, you can also create a small room entirely dedicated to your dressing room. You open the doors in the morning to go and choose your clothes and you can even start choosing your outfit for the day from bed!

A feminine wardrobe

CeLio A room to store all your clothes and shoes just for you? It is possible and in addition, you can personalize it by adding a small cozy bench, a soft colorful carpet or any other decorative object that you want to install there.

A walk-in closet

CeLio If you do not have a closed room to devote to it, know that the dressing room can also find its place in a place of passage. At the top of the stairs, on the bedroom distribution level, it is practical for all members of the family.

A dressing table

Sogal Why not add an extra utility to your dressing room? We are thinking in particular of a hairdresser, who will also allow you to make up and style your hair. Practice not?

A star wardrobe

Quadro To fulfill all your dreams, you can (if and only if you have the space) let yourself be tempted by a real star wardrobe. You will no longer have to justify yourself to go shopping. You have to fill this dressing room, right?