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Watering cans for all styles

Watering cans for all styles

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After the story of the sprinkler sprinkled, it is the turn of the stylized watering cans to make their entry. More beautiful than each other, they each affirm their decorative inclination to make our gardening sessions more trendy.

Miniature watering can

Geneviève Lethu ### An initiation to gardening for children with a beautiful lilac watering can in a reduced format!

Girly watering can

Jardiland ### You don't need a green thumb to try your hand at gardening when you have a watering can like this. Hyper design, hyper fuchsia, hyper girly, he understood everything to our desires of planter in "Sex & the City" mode!

Teapot watering cans

Fleux ### Inspired by Alice in Wonderland teapots, these watering cans in a wide range of colors invite both gardening and fantasy.

Design watering can

Qui est Paul ### Decorative object before being watering, this oval and arty apple-green model seduces us with its voluptuous curves, its

Pop watering can

Delamaison ### Something dramatic in the garden: the watering can is dressed in a pretty red bullfighter color which does not fail to go unnoticed…

Nature watering can

Delamaison ### All in wood, this beautiful watering can repainted in blue / purple opted for a rope as a handle, in order to play it 100% natural.

Elephant watering cans

La Redoute ### Funny trumpets for these watering cans in the shape of elephants existing in macaw blue, dark green or sun yellow!

Stainless steel watering can

La Redoute ### Half retro, half industrial, this stainless steel watering can with dark wooden handles reinforces a period style in the garden.

Basket watering can

Robin du Lac ### This is not a watering can, but a basket, introduced into our selection because of its irresistible wire design.


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