Sarah Schneider x Anthropologie: renovation of a vintage Airstream caravan in a bohemian chic style

Sarah Schneider x Anthropologie: renovation of a vintage Airstream caravan in a bohemian chic style

To tastefully renovate her vintage Airstream caravan, blogger Sarah Schneider simply went shopping at the famous bohemian chic brand Anthropologie. To feel at home, the young woman favored light and pastel colors, warm materials and both graphic and ethnic patterns. Visiting places.

Entrance to the kitchen

Sarah Schneider Once through the door, we are immediately immersed in a white kitchen with a country spirit. The latter has nothing to envy to many Parisian studios!

A cozy sitting area

Sarah Schneider Thanks to a large white bench seat and pretty cushions, the lounge area is most welcoming and friendly. Pretty curtains with a bohemian look dress the windows and just let in enough light to feel good.

A table for four

Sarah Schneider When it's time to go to the table, the sofa turns into a bench, while two chairs with ethnic black and white prints take place around the table, which folds out and folds up in just a few seconds.

The master bedroom

Sarah Schneider Once the table is folded, the sofa can unfold and create the master bedroom. The bulb hanging from the ceiling then becomes a bedside lamp, and the light garland that sits above the storage cupboards can in turn illuminate.

Retro wallpaper in colors

Sarah Schneider To awaken a little the choice of light colors taken in this caravan, an orange floral wallpaper, very seventies, adorns the corridors.

A nice basin in the bathroom

Sarah Schneider In the bathroom, minimalism and practicality are essential to use the space functionally. A basket is used for storage, while a pretty round basin with red enamel-like edging sits on the worktop. The curtains, windows and shower, bring the bohemian touch to the whole.

Color splashes in children

Sarah Schneider The last room located at the very back of the caravan is the one reserved for the sleeping area for children. Here, the color is subtly brought with bed linen and cushions with graphic and bohemian prints.

A shelf for storage

Sarah Schneider So that the books and a few toys brought do not drag around the four corners of the caravan, a small shelf has been installed above one of the beds.

A bohemian dinner

Sarah Schneider Outside, a large table and benches covered with tablecloths and colorful cushions welcome the family for delicious dinner by the fireside. To complete the atmosphere, several lanterns have been placed here and there.