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10 ideas to recycle your old car for decoration

10 ideas to recycle your old car for decoration

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That's it, you've decided, it's time to get rid of your old 4L cluttering the bottom of your garden. Stop, we stop you right away, why get rid of your car when it could be useful in your interior? The bodywork, tires, rims ... many people have already started recycling parts of their car to make it a decorative object. And the result is surprising! Without further ado, discover our selection of decorations made from recycled cars.

A Mini Cooper bench

Automoebel Design In the same style as the previous sofa, but for the exterior this time, this bench created from wooden planks integrated into the front of a Mini Cooper is simply amazing! Source: Automoebel Design

Working on a Mini

So you know better If some have chosen to keep only the front of their old car to make a piece of furniture, others have preferred to keep it almost whole! This is the case for this incredible desk made from a Mini Cooper, which, surprisingly, offers a large workspace! Source: So you know better

A Ford Mustang turned into a pool table

Autoholik Same principle for this old Ford Mustang, this time transformed into billiards. A fun, original idea and, we grant you, a bit bling-bling! Source: Auto holik

Sleep in a Mercedes Benz

V8 Hotel In the "flashy" style, this Mercedes Benz transformed into a bed is pretty good. You will find it at the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, in one of the many rooms decorated with recycled cars. Source: (//

A Ladybug armchair

V8 Hotel At the V8 Hotel, it's not just the beds that are made from old cars. This small armchair created from the back of a Ladybug brings an offbeat and nostalgic touch to this room decorated on the theme of a gas station. Source: (//

A Renault R4 as a showcase

Automoebel Design The transformation of this R4 is rather original. The back of the car is used as a showcase, the doors of which are in fact those of the trunk. This retro and unusual decoration is as practical as it is aesthetic! Source: Automoebel Design

Turning rims into clocks

Etsy This design and original clock is very simple to make. Just add a clock system to a car rim, for a really nice result! Source: Etsy

A tire transformed into a beanbag

No need to have a car on hand to make this decorative element: only one tire is enough! gives you all the details of this ultra simple DIY to recycle a tire in a beanbag. Source:

A tire transformed into a planter

DIY Show off With a little imagination, an old tire can decorate your interior as well as your garden. For example, a little paint, potting soil and a few flowers will be enough to transform your tire into a pretty hanging planter. Source: DIY Show off


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