Architect's advice: how to arrange a room for several children?

Architect's advice: how to arrange a room for several children?

Lack of space, large family or blended family, it is common today that parents are faced with the problem of arranging a room for two, three, even four children. Cohabitation requires a specific arrangement of the room, so that each child has their own space. Which bed to adopt? How to preserve everyone's privacy in a shared space? Depending on the age, from baby to adolescent, the needs are very different, and above all, evolving.

Plan n ° 2: a room for a child and a baby

Angélique BLANC This 4.60 mx 3.30 m room is intended for a child and a baby. The watchword here is: scalable! This must be this room. In a few months, the baby space will indeed have to be redesigned in a child's bedroom. In the meantime, this square space of approximately 2 m square is created by the installation of a thick curtain obscuring the light, fixed to the ceiling. A large individual or shared play space is left free in the center of the room, and the older child will more easily agree to have to share his room if, as here, his bed turns into a real cabin extended by a platform forming a desk . When baby has grown, it will be easy to rearrange the room, with for example, a high bed sheltering an office space.

Plan n ° 3: a room for twins (or triplets)

Angélique BLANC This 4.15 mx 3.30 m room has been designed for triplets (but the arrangement also works very well for twins). The surface of the room does not allow to install three conventional beds, it is essential here to free up space on the floor. For this, we opt for a triple bunk bed. This three-story bed is the space-saving solution for large families. A judicious office space is fitted out on a platform, in order to increase the storage area. The furniture is placed against the walls, allowing a comfortable circulation space. The layout is practical and fair for children, and the sleep / wake zones are well demarcated.

Plan n ° 4: a room for four children

Angélique BLANC In this 5.10 mx 4 m room accommodating four children, the space is optimized and calculated to the nearest centimeter! For games and children's circulation, an empty space is kept in the center of the room, and beds and cupboards are arranged against the walls. Girls side, two bunk beds occupy the entire width of the room. They are equipped in the lower part with storage modules, like a real well-thought-out small dressing room (small and large drawers, wardrobes, etc.). A small office is located in front of the window, in continuation of the boys' office. On the boys' side, there are two mezzanine beds in a corner of the room, located perpendicularly so that the children can see and talk to each other. Under the beds there is an office space and a play area on the floor.