Pretty canned food in the kitchen: full of ideas!

Pretty canned food in the kitchen: full of ideas!

Jams, marinades, spices, coffee beans, pasta, sugar or flour: for storing home-made food and preparations, cans and jars are essential. But even if you play it grandmother, you might as well opt for the "trendy grandma" look! It remains to stage everything with care. No ! With chic…

Carefully labeled

Ikea How about labeling to make decorative jars? It is clear that with the pretty labels here, the bet is brilliantly raised!

Collection style

Ikéa On a kitchen unit, the accumulation of preserving jars for lentils, cereals, pasta, cookies and other seeds, forms a wonderful retro collection! Or how to give a little "50s" side to the room reserved for stoves ...

Matryoshka way

Fly Another possibility to make glass jars hyper graphic? Choose them in different sizes in order to stage them in order of magnitude. An inspiration called Russian dolls…

Mixed dishes

Ikéa Arranged on the kitchen shelves in the same way as the dishes, these glass jars serving as storage for pasta and cereals blend nicely into the decor.

Spicy gradient

Ikea Instilling a spicy note in the kitchen is easy. Just hang small jars of saffron, paprika, cumin, basil and turmeric to form a sublime gradient of colors!

Grenadine color

Ikéa The good point of jams is that their pretty color is enough to give the look of the jar that surrounds them.

Hermetically correct

Ikéa A container with an airtight lid to store seeds of all kinds, why not! If all are chosen in the same format, they will have the advantage of playing it "objects in series" on the work plan.

Retro boxes

Delamaison Old-fashioned metal boxes add charm to the kitchen. We therefore do not hesitate to hunt around for sugar, flour, tea and coffee!