10 DIY for a nice baptism

10 DIY for a nice baptism

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Out of inspiration for the decoration of the reception room for the baptism of your little one? Do not panic, the editorial staff offers 10 ideas to realize yourself without spending a fortune. Get your pens!

Jars of sugared almonds

Com2Filles To make your sugared almond jars respect the theme of the circus, stick small plastic animals on the lid and bomb them in yellow, red or ink in blue. * Source: Com2Filles *

Gourmet sachets

Design Mom In a tie and dye spirit, dye your little fabric sachets in pink food coloring. Add some pretty labels, and voila! You just have to slide a few delicacies. * Source: Design Mom *

Soft pompoms

Oh so very Pretty Tissue paper, string and a pair of scissors is all you need to make these delicate garlands of pink pompoms. * Source: Oh so very Pretty *

Transparent bags

Un Beau Jour Transparent sachets are often sold in small quantities and at really exorbitant prices. This is the reason why Anne-Sophie of the blog Un beau jour thought of this tutorial with parchment paper. * Source: Un Beau Jour *

Paper rosettes

Pince Mi and Pince Moi A few folds and your sheet of paper turns into a pretty decorative rose. * Source: Pince Mi and Pince Moi *

Pastel lanterns

Unique Party With special origami paper, you can make these delicate lanterns which are fixed with a simple string. * Source: Unique Feast *

Favor boxes

Oops & Cie After purchasing your small cardboard boxes, paint them in the color of your choice and add ribbons on top. * Source: Oops & Cie *

Honeycomb pompons

Madame Citron To hang from the ceiling, place on the table or stick to the wall, these honeycomb tassels will decorate your baptism! Follow the tutorial to make them. * Source: Madame Citron *

A colorful garland

Oh Happy Day To make this pretty colorful garland, take some card stock, scissors and a sewing machine. * Source: Oh Happy Day *