10 models of sunbathing

10 models of sunbathing

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A pair of dark glasses on the eyes, sunscreen on the skin, a book in hand and a swimsuit, this is the ritual set up around sunbathing. But if these XXL deckchairs offer us dream moments in the middle of summer, their aesthetics also count! Because a nap, a reading session or a tanning session are much more attractive on a piece of furniture that is as beautiful as it is comfortable. Everyone can choose their style…

With integrated sun visor

La Redoute ### No more fear of sunburn with these well-equipped lounge chairs. Their secret? An integrated sun visor at the top of the backrest to protect the users' faces. Sensitive skin, this is your new best ally of the summer!

Color block

Maisons du Monde ### The terrace is asking for more color, and we are running with a tart sunbathing like summer! Yellow, orange, green or blue, the choice is yours!


La Redoute ### Inspired by the movements of a wave, this sunlounger has a wavy design that should marry the curves of the body in the "relaxed" position.

On casters

Maisons du Monde ### Easy to move, this sundeck mounted on casters can be played on the move. Convenient to move to the rhythm of the sun throughout the day!

In two parts

Paragraph ### Ingenious, this sun lounger is actually an armchair with an adjustable height backrest that has been extended by a footrest. Ideal for juggling between armchair with coffee table and chaise longue.


Maisons du Monde ### Sunbathing sees double, because a tanning break for two is better!

Nature chic

AM.PM ### Installed in the shade, these eucalyptus sunloungers revealing a gray finish and topped with white cushions seduce us with their look that is both natural and chic.

Seaside look

Ikéa ### Dressed in timeless blue and white navy stripes, these sunbaths surf gently on the seaside decor trend. Notice to fans!


La Redoute ### Nice model in exotic wood revealing classic lines. For relaxation with ease!