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Customize the walls with the range of Decorative Home stencils

Customize the walls with the range of Decorative Home stencils

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At Maison Décorative, walls speak! The brand has just released a collection of 70 stencils in 6 different formats, ideal when looking to personalize its facades at lower cost. The little extra? Choose the paint that goes with it: gloss, matt, glitter, gold or silver effect! Preview in pictures.

Seaside spirit

Decorative House ### Notice to lovers of marine atmospheres. With the words - pebble, sand or lighthouse - stencil version, it's easy to take the scenery by the seaside.

Frieze of star dancers

Decorative House ### Optical illusion. No, this girly frieze is not adhesive, it is painted with a stencil! Putting the dancers in tutu in motion, it should appeal to little enthusiasts of classical dance.

Union Jack

Maison Décorative ### If the British flag has become a real motif in its own right in decoration, we like to admire it spiced with a little note of originality. This is the case of this stencilled model with a glitter effect with a very British "pop" look!


Decorative House ### New York, New York. The urban jungle across the Atlantic is constantly inviting itself into the decor, even in capital letters written in the form of hodgepodge for a very stylish rendering.


Decorative House ### For admirers of Che, or to accentuate a "rebel" style decor, we adopt photography (stencil version) having made Che Guevara, a true icon of the revolution.

Gourmet cookie

Maison Décorative ### The playful note on the walls of the dining room? An all-pink cookie that has sublimated its cute sin: gluttony!

Ornamental patterns

Maison Décorative ### Chic atmosphere around the office area! The responsibles ? Elegant raspberry-pink and flesh-colored ornamental figures painted on the walls in an oversized format.

Contemporary peas

Maison Décorative ### Polka dot patterns take on a contemporary dimension when painted in silver and when they move to the walls, an oversized and perfectly aligned version.

Decorative door

Decorative House ### Around the door, ornamental stencilled patterns transform the handle into a real decorative object. It's the little detail that makes the difference!