Pop wallpapers to wake up the walls

Pop wallpapers to wake up the walls

To give a boost to the walls, we opt for pop wallpapers that set the tone. The colors are flashy and the shapes are whimsical. With this type of wallpaper, good humor is guaranteed. Here is a very "Melting-pop" selection.

Peas, peas, peas

Graham & Brown ### If you are crazy about peas, this wallpaper is for you! This model from the Côté Maison Tendance collection sports woods in a variation ranging from green to turquoise. The roundness enlivens the walls for a rolling business! Graham & Brown, n ° 16, 12.50 euros per roll

Psychedelic stripes

Graham & Brown ### The stripes decorate the walls to bring them a psychedelic side thanks to the colors in acidulous tones of greens and blues. Graham & Brown, 9.90 euros per roll

Lego pieces

Myrine Créations ### Walls become a game thanks to the wallpaper by Myrine Créations which features ultra-colorful Lego pieces. The colors of the toy pieces form a gradient to create a psychedelic heart. Myrine Créations, Love Today, 120 euros per roll

Pop art in the spotlight

4murs ### And to pay homage to famous names in pop art such as Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein, 4murs offers a colorful wallpaper which represents a Hollywood kiss in a comic book style. 4murs, Kiss, 89.99 euros per roll