Terracotta pots signed Goicoechea

Terracotta pots signed Goicoechea

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Since 1960, Goicoechea has been creating and manufacturing terracotta pottery, a 100% natural clay. The know-how is traditional but the pots display contemporary styles and shapes where each piece is unique. Discover in pictures 10 very trendy pots to install in your interior or garden.

Hammered pots

Goicoechea Terracotta allows many original finishes that will bring a touch of originality to your interior. These large pots are for example hammered to provide a very original textured surface.

Aged pots

Goicoechea If you want a pot that brings an old style to your garden to enhance your plants, you can bet on an enameled pot with an aged appearance. The surface is then shiny with unique color effects.

Contemporary pots

Goicoechea To give an original look to its pots, Goicoechea relies on trendy patterns. Thus, these pots seem covered with rope to give the whole a very original relief. Blue and gray add a trendy touch to the whole.

Pots with original shapes

Goicoechea To stand out from traditional pots, you can bet on original shapes. If the XXL pot has already proven itself, you will also appreciate its very elongated version which makes the pot look like a column. The brilliant red will not fail to make the show in the garden.

Pots for a classic style

Goicoechea If you are more classic, do not hesitate to be daring in the shape you choose by playing with the formats but then prefer more traditional colors such as black or a gray terracotta appearance.

Design pots

Goicoechea For a design style, you will turn to smaller pots. Choose clean lines that will highlight the potted plants. On the color side, bet on mat in a gray textured effect that almost evokes concrete.

Revisited pots

Goicoechea If you want traditional pots while bringing a touch of modernity, treat yourself to a simple pot with rounded lines in a warm color that takes on terracotta. This type of pot will be ideal for a contemporary house in the south.

Pots that adapt to plants

Goicoechea Finally, for a real decorative effect, do not hesitate to choose your pots according to the plants they will host. For bamboo, bet for example on slender and tall pots in simple and narrow shapes.