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10 colorful bathrooms!

10 colorful bathrooms!

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Notice to color lovers, you will be spoiled. Because we can spend hours in our bathroom, make it nice and give it a good boost, right? Blue, pink, green, red and even yellow, discover our selection of the most beautiful colorful bathrooms.

A green bathroom

Aubade What we particularly like in this green bathroom is the tart hue. Neither too garish, nor too discreet, it's the perfect green! In order not to risk the "garden of plants" effect, the decoration is limited to a single plant, which is hung, like a bird cage.

A blue bathroom

Leroy Merlin We love this entirely blue-clad bathroom. The vanity unit matches the cupboard and the carpet. We finalize everything by multiplying the decorative elements in the same tones. Lovely, right?

A pink bathroom

Aquamass To warm up a dark and relatively dark bathroom, we adopt a bright pink wall. Most " ? Choose a white bathtub with fluorescent touches, matching the wall. Here is a bathroom that combines classicism and modernity.

A fuchsia bathroom

Collin Arredo Sober and elegant, fuchsia goes with everything (or almost)! So, in the whole house, as in the bathroom, we let ourselves be seduced. Here, the vanity unit and the cupboard bring a little warmth to the whole.

A bathroom with blue sinks

Porcelanosa If you are more cautious and not necessarily a fan of colors, we have the solution. Rather than painting one or more walls, and risk getting tired of the color, opt for decorative elements or colorful furniture. Here is a nice example with these very designer blue sinks.

An apple green bathroom

Delpha Favorite for this apple green bathroom. In addition to the vanity unit and the cupboard, these are all the small decorative elements that make us crack. We want the same, don't you?

A turquoise bathroom

Alinea On is under the spell of this bathroom with skillfully assorted colors. Combined with the gray patina of the furniture, it is this magnificent turquoise that makes us melt. We can even add some lime green decorative objects to enhance the whole.

A white bathroom with pops of color

Aubade Once again, if you do not want (or if you cannot) paint your bathroom, do not panic, here is a decorative tip! Warm up your white bathroom with touches of red and bet on accessories: chairs, towels, hanging lamps, frames…

A small bathroom enhanced with yellow

Ikea Even the smallest bathrooms are entitled to color! Here, this bathroom / laundry room is awakened thanks to a bright yellow full of dynamism. And note the decorative detail to reproduce urgently: the neon yellow joints, it throws, right?