10 ethical cushions

10 ethical cushions

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Made with old coffee bags, organic cotton or linen, there are many cushions that respect the environment. The brands have managed to combine ecology and aesthetics to achieve these little wonders. The editorial team presents to you in images, 10 cushions that will perfectly find their place in your interior whether they are contemporary, sober or colorful.

Comfort for children

Cocarde Verte Your children also have the right to naturalness! Thanks to its large ears, this pretty cushion will surely amuse your children. A beautiful bedroom decoration with beautiful certified organic materials. As funny as it is healthy! Green cockade: 30.10 euros

Ekimana makes us travel

Ekimana Made by an Indian cooperative, these pretty colorful cushions will add a little cheer to your space. Combine them with clear sofas and armchairs, in velvet, cotton or linen. Mix materials and colors for a chic and atypical interior! Ekimana

Pillows in coffee bags

Ilokawa Made with jute fabrics from recycled coffee bags, these pretty cushions will bring a very personal touch to your room. The canvas is soft and supple, so you can put your head on it and sleep comfortably! Ilokawa: 41.58 euros

Flower cushions!

Lab Summer is fast approaching and the flowers are showing off even on your sofa! Designed with natural materials, such as cotton and linen of very high quality, all these cushions are "Made in France". Lab: 49 euros

Linen cushions

Lina Forlino This square cushion combines a large linen-colored fabric with a colored washed linen top. The softness of the color completes the softness of the material. Combine it with other colors from the range for a colorful living room. Lina Forlino: 58 euros

100% organic cotton

Milk & Green These cushions made with 100% organic cotton will be perfect in a child's room. Available in several colors, they will appeal to both girls and boys. Their geometric patterns will bring originality to a sober space. Milk and Green: 18 euros

100% natural Alterethica

Alterethica Ideal for a "family home" decoration, these pretty cushions are completely natural. They are lined with pure virgin wool with a magnificent linen and coffee-colored silk cover. In a living room or a bedroom they will combine as well with light colors as flashy colors. Alterethica: 59 euros

Ball cushions

Muskhane This large felt ball will customize your interior decoration and give it a resolutely contemporary touch. Mix sizes, colors for a bit of originality before you settle in! Mushkane: 119 euros

Pure wool cushions

Revolana Filled with pure wool, these cushions will bring warmth and comfort to your sofa as well as to your living room armchairs. Made in a high-end fabric, its wool filling gives it a perfect and lasting hold over time. Revolana: 59 euros