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Potted plants gain height

Potted plants gain height

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This year, you have decided to fill up on vegetation and greenery without cluttering the ground. Here are your best allies: vertical supports, suspended from the ceiling, the wall or installed in the middle of the space.

Against the wall

AM.PM ### Very practical, this wall support signed AM.PM accommodates pots of plants in number so as to form a custom plant wall.


Ikéa ### We fell in love with the Ikéa PS 2012 collection: a tall support with three pots connected to each other by poles. Ideal for climbing ivy or ferns even indoors!

Vegetable partition

Castorama ### At Castorama, the vertical support for pots and planters makes it possible to partition the outside naturally. A great idea to adopt urgently.

Upside down

Fleux ### At Fleux, green plants see life upside down! A new trend in interior design, which embellishes our ceiling.


Truffaut ### We fell in love with this ladder-shaped wall mount with three pockets in which to slip flowers and plants. An idea by Truffaut!


Fleux ### Wrapped around a wall bar, Bacsac's textile pots are rising…

Wall pot

Truffaut ### To fix a single plant on the wall, choose a red pop wall pot sold individually at Truffaut.


Truffaut ### Another way to give height to a green plant: hang it on a hook itself fixed to the ceiling, under the roof of the terrace or on the railing of the balcony.


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