Ikea unveils Sinnerlig and Sittning, two new collections

Ikea unveils Sinnerlig and Sittning, two new collections

This morning, Ikea gave us an appointment in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, at La Bellevilloise, to discover its new collections: Sinnerlig and Sittning. When Sinnerlig sublimates the imperfections of natural materials, Sittning offers an original table decoration, available in elegant soft colors. Presentation of our favorites.

Liège, my love!

Julie Guillermet Poetic and minimalist, the Sinnerlig collection highlights and enhances the imperfections of natural materials. Nice example with this table top, made of plywood and cork, imagined by designer Ilse Crawford, for Ikea. Note: this model is also available in a natural color that will blend perfectly into an "urban jungle" style space. Table top: 129 euros Trestle, epoxy painted steel: 25 euros / piece

Multifunction jugs

Julie Guillermet Another favorite: these stoneware jugs, available in taupe, slate and retro blue-green. As comfortable in the kitchen as on a balcony, for decoration or flower pots, these jugs have everything to please! Stoneware pitcher: 9.90 euros / piece

Accumulation of glass bottles and jars

Julie Guillermet In the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, or on the terrace, these bottles and jars in blown glass, and cork, will quickly find their place! Bottle - 0.7l: 6.90 euros - 1.2l: 9.90 euros Jar - Ø26, H30.5cm, 11.5l: 24.90 euros - Ø18, H22cm, 3.5l: 14.90 euros

A seagrass rug, otherwise nothing!

Julie Guillermet We stay in the "urban jungle" trend with this large 100% seagrass rug, ideal for bringing a natural and authentic touch to your decoration. Carpet (200 × 300cm): 69 euros

Planters yes, but decorative!

Julie Guillermet To conceal your brown plastic flowerpots, not very decorative, opt for these earthenware planters, silicone interior. Waterproof, and minimalist, they will decorate your window sills and will integrate perfectly in small spaces. Planter - H14cm: 4.99 euros / piece - H25cm: 11.50 euros / piece

Cotton on my dining table

Julie Guillermet With these cotton tablecloths, signed by designer Maria Vinka, from the Sittning collection, we stay in the theme of natural materials. Tablecloth: 17.99 euros

Stacked, it's weighed!

Julie Guillermet When it comes to tableware, we fell in love with this solid oiled acacia tray, topped with elegant porcelain plates, themselves enhanced by a napkin ring in solid oiled acacia. Something to mix styles and colors and create a table decoration that looks just like you. Napkin ring (Ø5cm): 2.99 euros / 2 pieces Plates (1 plate Ø27cm, 1 plate Ø21cm and 1 plate Ø15cm): 7.99 euros / 3 pieces Tray (Ø38cm): 14.99 euros

Mix of styles and materials

Julie Guillermet And for the service, we offer you these porcelain dishes, imagined by the designer Aaron Probyn, and presented here on two cutting boards, in solid oiled acacia. Serving dishes (1 dish 40 × 26cm, 1 dish 33 × 19cm and 1 dish 26 × 12cm): 24.99 euros / 3 pieces Cutting board (52 × 14cm - thickness 1.8cm): 7.99 euros

Spotlight on cacti!

Julie Guillermet Original. We end our visit with an essential vegetable trend: the mini cactus. Our decoration advice? Invite it everywhere in your interior, in your bedroom, on the edge of your bathtub, and you can even integrate it into your table decoration. But, beware, it stings!