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10 children's bedrooms with pull-out beds

10 children's bedrooms with pull-out beds

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Discover the many advantages of the trundle bed, which allows a second bed at the same size, thanks to a drawer positioned just below the first box spring. Whether your child's bedroom is small, whether you have a large family or your toddlers love to organize pajama parties, this type of bed offers you the possibility of not having a mattress that takes up space when there is a new head at home!

A raised bed to gain height

Carno This Carno bed has two levels of drawers, to accommodate a second bed (below) and storage (above). Ideal for small areas! Be careful however, this type of bed is not suitable for a young child, because it is still quite high above the ground.

Never two without three !

DR If you are looking to save even more space and / or have more than one child, choose a bunk bed. You can then accommodate three toddlers in a narrow room. On the above model, storage drawers under the bottom bed can accommodate sheets or pillows.

The ideal bed for a princess bedroom!

Ikea This very girly Ikea model is perfect for a little girl's room! The drawer has an original border, which gives a charm to the bed, just like the finishes and the curved patterns. With two beds in the same room, you will no longer be able to refuse pajama parties!

A second bed on casters that makes life easier

Dearkids This contemporary pull-out bed by Dearkids is equally suitable for a boy or a girl. It includes storage spaces that allow you to store books or small objects, which act as headboards, as well as a second roller bed, to be placed below the first. This arrangement is much more practical for changing the sheets.

A discreet and compact pull-out bed

Ikea Bunk beds are generally large, and obviously, they are even more so when they have a bed drawer. But, on this model of the Ikea brand above, it is refined by the gray color and the openings on the sides. The latter can accommodate three children in a minimal space.

A functional and comfortable bed

Igor & Irena For an arrangement that is both functional and aesthetic, choose this Igor & Irena pull-out bed, in solid pine painted white. With its two large storage drawers, a main bed and an extra bed mounted on casters, your children's friends will be able to sleep at home without any problem! Supplied with slats (rigid). A self-assembly.

Realize your dream while sleeping!

Conforium If your little boy wants to become a firefighter, make his dream come true! This magnificent Conforium pull-out bed, delivered with box spring, will give free rein to your imagination! The second bed slides very easily under the truck and is absolutely invisible thanks to the trompe-l'oeil design. Count 645 euros.

A special Formula 1 pilot bed!

DR Quite similar to the previous bed, this model of pull-out bed is fully designed and painted like a real The second box spring, located at the wheels of the vehicle, is also very discreet. Enough to be jealous of your little boy's friends!

Sleep in a cabin!

Emilie It's well known, children love to build cabins! Give them the opportunity to have sweet dreams in a real home, thanks to this bed, delivered with box spring, and bed-drawer with casters. Made of solid pine, this Emilie model will be the ideal layer for the princess who sleeps in every young girl! Still count around 1500 euros.