10 Ikea beds that make you want to sleep

10 Ikea beds that make you want to sleep

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These days, you are like children, you do not want to go to sleep ... this can be understood by the decor you have chosen for your bed. Out of inspiration to breathe new life into it? Discover 10 bed atmospheres imagined by Ikea full of good ideas to reuse.


Ikea Cushions, duvet cover ... to put you in a good mood at bedtime, dare in your room colorful and graphic bed linen.

Peas for the timeless side

Ikea To be sure not to get bored in your room, bet on bed linen with timeless patterns such as peas. In black and white, you are sure not to go wrong!

Homemade headboard

Ikea Notice to DIY lovers! To give another style to your bed for a small budget and a good dose of patience, dare the headboard in masking tape. Here, ultra graphic, it changes the decor!

Nature style bed linen

Ikea Red bricks in the bedroom, it's pretty, but it can quickly give an austere air to the room. The idea is therefore to add a few natural touches, using a spring bed linen for example, to warm everything up. The result is superb, right?

A soft blanket

Ikea Nothing like a cozy blanket placed at the foot of the bed to create a little cocoon atmosphere in the bedroom. An idea easy to reuse at home!

A large wooden bed

Ikea Warm and cozy, this room has everything on a large light wooden bed that sets the tone in the room. We dream of lying there for a good night's sleep ... don't you?

Natural colors

Ikea In addition to being practical thanks to its two large drawers, this contemporary wooden bed creates a very natural atmosphere in the bedroom. To complete the look, opt for beige and white bed linen and a plaid that plays with the two colors.

A fabric bed

Ikea And if you changed from the traditional wooden or metal bed to make room for a magnificent mouse gray fabric bed. To accompany it, we also retain the idea of ​​the light and airy shower of white Chinese balls.

Splashes of yellow

Ikea To wake up this room in black and white, Ikea has relied on a chick yellow duvet cover that does not go unnoticed. A great idea to remember if you too want to bring a little originality to your sober decor.