I want a center island in the kitchen

I want a center island in the kitchen

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Practical, friendly, full of charm, the central island has it all. If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, it is the essential element to gain in storage space and work plan. In addition, many models are transformed into a table when the meal is ready. It's time to choose yours!

A colorful island

Goal A desire for cooking full of energy? So bet on this purple island that goes very well with white furniture. We like the little purple touch of the pendant lights which completes the association.


Mobalpa What we like in this kitchen is the installation of the sink on the central island and which frees up space to create a large worktop. All in wood, it creates a very warm country house atmosphere.

All dressed in white

Cuisinella If you prefer contemporary kitchens, this model is for you. We like the central island which combines work plan and small space to sit. Her little extra? Two shelves on which have posed pretty glass jars filled with colorful sweets.

Cupboards version

Ikéa Favorite for this large island which combines no less than 6 cupboards and practical amenities such as this drying rack.

All in length

Purpose Original shape for this island with 3 large drawers. Its aspect large block on small block allows to slide his knees without bumping and therefore to settle there to have breakfast.


Cuisinella This white island seems to be framed in a pretty gray cocoon. We particularly like the impression of twin furniture with the large storage sideboard.

Combined worktop and table

Purpose Ideal in a large kitchen, this central island extends into a very practical table. Bet on this type of model if you do not have the place to install an island and a table in the same room.

Table and storage

Ikéa In this kitchen designed by Ikéa, the central island combines small storage shelves on one side and the possibility of sliding high stools on the other to sit down. Winning bet!

Separating element

Cuisinella If you like to separate spaces without putting in a large partition, the central island can prove to be the ideal ally. This large island provides conviviality between the kitchen and the dining room when dining with family or friends.


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