Discover the 2014 Ixina kitchen collection

Discover the 2014 Ixina kitchen collection

Small spaces or large rooms, Ixina has thought of all the needs in its new kitchen collection. On the program: designer furniture, but also practical and functional to make your life easier. Customizable, they allow you to give free rein to your desires. Here are 10 kitchens ready to find their place at home.


Ixina Favorite for this white and petrol blue kitchen which combines design and practicality. Cupboards of all sizes are available to meet all your space needs. Its little extra: a central island that makes everything very user-friendly. From 2,679 euros


Ixina Lover of the family house style, Ixina has not forgotten you! This kitchen with retro lines charms us with its timeless design and modern equipment that give it just what it takes to be in tune with the times. From 3526 euros


Ixina High shelves with folding doors, credenzas that transform into storage, this very modern kitchen is definitely full of ingenuity. Who said that design and practicality were not good allies? From 3876 euros


Ixina A play of materials in this kitchen which has fun with wood, stone and stainless steel. Placed on a brightly colored wall, it brings a real dose of modernity. From 2,289 euros


Ixina Place design in this kitchen with futuristic decor. We are literally under the spell of the very large central island which gives way, at its end, to a small dining area which is practical for eating on the go. From 2866 euros


Ixina Pop atmosphere in this kitchen, which successfully mixes gray furniture and orange finishes. Our favorite ? The bench which in addition to having storage drawers allows to create a real space of conviviality. From 2496 euros


Ixina Size XXS but XXL options for this pretty practical kitchen! We particularly like the light wood which blends perfectly with the gray of the tall furniture. Her little extra? A very useful snack plan when there is no place to set up a table. From 2456 euros


Ixina There is no question of neglecting functionality when you only have small spaces. As pretty as it is practical, this kitchen will delight owners of cramped kitchens. From 2496 euros

Color Concept: Oil

Ixina After choosing the right cuisine, why not personalize it? Orange, curry, fern or even petrol blue, the Color Concept allows you to play with colors to brighten up a niche, a shelf or even a sliding door.