The nude color sets the tone in any room in the house

The nude color sets the tone in any room in the house

Nude is on everyone's lips. This slightly pinkish shade close to the flesh color but with a light powdery veil, makes your head spin around this season. Discover 10 atmospheres to adopt it with grace and elegance.

A nude bedroom to sleep well

Dulux Valentine The nude, declined in "tie and dye" on the wall which receives the bed, releases a soft and serene atmosphere conducive to sleep.

Textiles also go nude

Dulux Valentine One might think that nude is a bland color. Yet mixed with some pastel cushions, it reveals all the more its powdery side that we love so much!

A feminine but not girly salon

Present Time The nude shade goes perfectly with pastel blue. From this association, there emerges a soothing and peaceful atmosphere which can be enhanced with touches of bright colors like coral or even more daring: black.

Nude stirs up the pieces that adopt it

Dulux Valentine A pale pink wall fills the room with a very fifties softness which made up with a little coral orange will bring a healthy glow.

An elegant living room with nude

Dulux Valentine Nude when combined with white dresses the room elegantly and captures light with grace.

A nude dining room

Dulux Valentine In the hit-parade of tones to adopt in the dining room, nude remains at the top of the list. As greedy as it is tender, it awakens the senses. Perfect to whet your appetite!

A nude-colored staircase

Dulux Valentine The advantage with very light pink is that it combines with all the colors of the color wheel. Perfect when the room is open to other rooms in the house!

100% pure nude

Heytens Do not resist any longer and let yourself be convinced by the exquisite beauty of this shade, sometimes on the border with beige, which lets the effects of materials shine through.

Nude pink mounts the tone

Heytens Add some spice to the nude by adding a few drops of black to your paint bucket. A mixture that will give it more presence in your room.