A lounge at ground level!

A lounge at ground level!

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When choosing furniture, comfort is now the first purchasing criterion. And for a seat to be comfortable, there is no need for it to be very high because it is the closest to the ground that offers maximum comfort for you to "fall off". The floor becomes again a space to be exploited in the living room to find a hippie chic touch in the house. Zoom on the living room at ground level.

An armchair on the floor

Dunlopilo Note that there are also very comfortable armchairs to sit at ground level. This model offers for example a thick seat and a high backrest. And when you want to gain height, simply fold down the footrest for the seat to be higher.

Convertible sofa

Dunlopilo If you hesitate between high sofa or at ground level, bet on a convertible which will offer you the two possibilities. This model simply unfolds to offer a version lengthened a few centimeters from the ground for a lounge in very "relaxing" mode. And each place is independent to meet everyone's needs.

A very low living room

Dunlopilo If your taste for low living rooms is indisputable, the designer Ora-Ito offers for Dunlopillo a series of very low sofas like benches installed on the floor. The whole offers a new perspective to the show by modernizing it with its lines and very original format.

A friendly lounge

La Redoute To bring conviviality to the show, you can bet on low elements. Around a coffee table, you will then place a fireside chair that will serve as a sofa and extra bed to receive as well as a beanbag to complete the living room. Very comfortable, the space will be very convivial.

XXL cushion

La Redoute To create a small, comfortable living room, you can install a floor cushion in an XXL format against a wall, add a small sideboard as well as a wall lamp that will be practical for reading but also very decorative. You will get an intimate and very pleasant corner for relaxation.

A lounge on the floor

La Redoute To create a low-cost living room on the floor, you can opt for multiple floor cushions that you can adjust according to your needs. Do not hesitate to stack cushions to create a soft comfort and to multiply them to be able to take a lying position.

A designer sofa on the floor

La Redoute The designers have perfectly understood this new trend at the "floor level" and offer you sofas that are both design and functional to install on the floor. In this model, you will feel like on a deckchair in the living room and in a much more comfortable version. Take your naps!

A nomadic lounge

But Finally, the great advantage of a living room at ground level is that you will be able to move it whenever you want. By opting for giant floor cushions, you can sit in the living room near the TV, in a room for reading or even outside provided you choose outdoor covers.