The mezzanine for one more room

The mezzanine for one more room

If the mezzanine bed has been proven for a long time, we tend to forget the real hard mezzanine to install in a room with high ceilings. Find out how to have an extra room thanks to the mezzanine.

A private space

Purpose When you receive guests in your studio, you might as well say that your privacy is under attack since you do not have any "closed to the public" space. With the mezzanine, you can receive in the lower part of your studio and preserve your privacy by not giving access to the mezzanine.

A recessed lounge

Lapeyre Note that the mezzanine also finds its place in larger interiors, especially when the room has a high ceiling. The mezzanine will allow you to use part of it to create a cocoon set back ideal for a TV lounge or a reading corner.

A game room

Lapeyre And if you took advantage of this space to create a bonus room for your children for example? The mezzanine, provided that it is perfectly secure, can accommodate a playroom for children. They will have their space without being excluded from the show.


Lapeyre You dream of a library in your interior but you have neither the place in your living room nor a room to devote to it? Think of the mezzanine which will allow you to create a small library open to the living room to take advantage of the view of the books while keeping a space dedicated to calm for reading.

A delimited space

Lapeyre Sometimes a low mezzanine will only delimit the space. Thus, you do not save space but still give the feeling of two separate rooms / spaces. An ideal solution to create a storage corner or a transition with another room.

A space apart

Lapeyre Similarly, the low mezzanine can allow you to keep an open space while offering two spaces. The ideal will be for example to install a kitchen in height and to propose the living room in the largest space of the room. The effect will be original!

A closed mezzanine

Lapeyre Finally, if you wish to benefit from an additional room without retaining the spirit of the open spaces, note that you can close the mezzanine with a partition. It will then be a question of creating a sort of floor which will occupy a small part of your large high ceiling room.