10 ideas to optimize space

10 ideas to optimize space

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Because the surface of houses and apartments is not infinite, you have to be tricky in order to optimize space and gain square meters. For this, you can opt for simple tips that we suggest you discover in pictures.

A room for friends

Leroy Merlin When you are a child or teenager, receiving your friends is always a party except when you do not have space to make them sleep. To remedy this problem, you can slide a second bed under your child's bed so that you can welcome friends for convivial moments.

Modular furniture

Ikea Prefer furniture that follows your desires by choosing modular models. Bet for example on a table with flaps to save space, on a console which becomes a table or a coffee table which transforms into a dining table. The 2 in 1 will save you space!

Take possession of the nooks

Ikea Know that every corner of the house can be used to optimize storage. Place furniture in the recesses of the house and do not hesitate to use the height surface to increase the storage capacity.

Use the wall surface

Ikea Do not hesitate to place storage on the wall surface so as not to clutter the floor with furniture. Prefer for example a wall coat rack or coat hooks rather than a wardrobe to put on the floor. In addition to being practical, these objects will energize your walls.

Elements to stack

Ikea To save space in your cupboards to optimize storage, bet on dishes and accessories that you can stack. This is the case for certain dishes and pans. Also note that the removable handles of the pans make it easier to store.

Playing with height

Leroy Merlin If you have a good height under ceiling, take advantage of it to clear the ground and opt for very high storage. You can for example fix shelves near the ceiling to store a few books and decorative items without losing any space.

Arrange the attic

Leroy Merlin Why not use the whole house? If you choose to have the attic fitted, you will then benefit from considerable additional space to create children's bedrooms or a very large master bedroom. A real good plan!

Opt for a storage system

Leroy Merlin Rather than relying on storage furniture scattered throughout the house, prefer one and the same system of a much larger size which can be installed on an entire wall and only take up space. in one place.

Custom storage

Leroy Merlin Consider using storage that really meets your expectations, you can for example opt for storage that is installed under your staircase to use all the square meters.