Leather gives style to my living room

Leather gives style to my living room

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** When we think of leather, we think of the very many models of sofas and armchairs that adorn our living rooms. The sofas follow each other but are not alike. From Chesterfield or ultra design sofa, from simple black to red sofa, there is bound to be a model that will match your decor. And if leather were invited on furniture, lighting or wall coverings ... Here is a slideshow that shows you lounges and decorative elements that give pride of place to leather. Good discovery !**

Simple and white

Delamaison This sofa is as simple as it is efficient. The white sofa, with or without armchairs, gives free rein to your imagination in terms of decoration. A very chic basic to adopt!

Leather is dressed in colors

Delamaison Here you find a leather sofa that is neither black nor white. Indeed, the leather sofas are available in all colors and adapt to your desires. What is the color of your next living room?


Nitro furniture A leather sofa is not necessarily a classic sofa. Some models are even particularly worked and adapt wonderfully with a design or contemporary decor.

Leather on my lamp

Bert & Dennis It's not just the sofas that dress in leather. Indeed, the Bert & Dennis brand offers a white leather lamp, a great decorative asset for enjoying leather in a different way.

Black and white

Moss Moss Fans of black & white decoration will enjoy this ultra modern sofa offered by the Moss Moss brand. This piece matches both a colorful decor and a 100% black & white decor.

Leather poufs

Maisons du Monde Decorate your living room with one or more leather poufs and multiply the seats. Thanks to Maisons du Monde, you will be able to choose between many different color models and shapes. Which ones will you invite to your living room?

Leather on the wall

Studioart Leather invites itself on the walls of your living room. Studioart offers leather coverings to be applied to a wall or throughout the living room. A decorative asset and the editorial's favorite.

An original table

Conforama And if in your living room the leather was on the table ... It is the idea of ​​genius that had the Conforama brand by creating this model: the coffee table and its 6 poufs. A pretty creation that will appeal to students.

New but old

Maisons du Monde Nothing like an aged sofa to bring warmth and authenticity to your interior. Here you will find an aged leather sofa offered by Maisons du Monde. For maximum cachet, think of the floor lamp and the plaid.


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