Patterned tiles in the bathroom

Patterned tiles in the bathroom

To give style to a slightly sad bathroom, you can count on tiling when it is adorned with original patterns! You can then create very playful effects for a bathroom that will not fail to put you in a good mood. Zoom on 10 original tiles.

Feminine tiles

Point P To bring a delicate feminine touch to the bathroom, this tiling features volute patterns in all discretion thanks to a shades of colors. You can combine it with textured tiling by placing the patterns as if it were a basement so as not to overload the room.

A tiling with graphic flowers

Point P To bring a design touch to the bathroom, the tiling can take on very graphic looks with flowers in macro-pattern. As projected on the walls, XXL flowers offer their petals as patterns, bringing relief through a clever play of colors.

A romantic tile

Point P To define a space in the bathroom, tiling can be an excellent ally. You can for example bet on tiles with delicate and romantic flowers to create the space of the bathtub and offer you a very chic corner of relaxation.

Relief tiling

Point P The patterns can also take on an original look on relief tiles. The flowers then resemble a bouquet that flourishes over the entire surface of the tile. And to avoid overloading the room, we will only place a few tiles on the wall playing on the smooth / relief contrasts.

Fairy tiling

Point P For a magical and refreshing touch in the bathroom, you will place on your walls a shower of silver stars which will contrast with the white of the rest of the room.

An original tile

Point P Tiling can allow you to create a very playful atmosphere in your bathroom. You will choose for this colorful patterns like stylized flowers with long stems that develop on half the wall to give it height.

Vegetable tiling

Point P Tiling can truly allow you to create original atmospheres. If you want a bubble of nature in your bathroom, you will favor plant motifs that will flourish on the walls. Bamboo, palm tree, you will find lots of very natural patterns.

Animal tiling

Point P For a warm atmosphere and an ethnic touch, we will rather opt for a tile whose pattern is inspired by the coat of animals. Why not create a frieze with a graphic tiling reminiscent of the zebra. However, we prefer it in neutral tones.

Energizing tiles

Point P To bring color into your bathroom, place colored tiles with monochrome patterns that will soften the bright color. In order not to suffocate your room, we create a base.