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A LEGO hotel just opened in Florida!

A LEGO hotel just opened in Florida!

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On May 15, 2015 visitors to LEGOLAND Park in Florida were able to sleep for the first time in a fully LEGO-themed hotel. With more than 150 rooms offering different atmospheres (pirate, adventure, middle ages and LEGO Friends), this hotel dedicated to small colored bricks is not the first of its kind to open its doors since there are already several in the world. So when is a LEGO hotel in France?

A pirate's room

2015 Chip Litherland Photography Inc. Treasure map, skulls, floor and marine ropes, no doubt, you are in the hold of a pirate ship! All over the walls, LEGO characters appear to take you on their adventures.


2015 Chip Litherland Photography Inc. Same decor for the bedroom of the little boys who could imagine themselves on the waves for one night.

A LEGO Friend room

2015 Chip Litherland Photography Inc. For little girls, the LEGO Friend universe is also present in this hotel. If you like purple, green and butterflies, you will be served!

Pony, flowers and butterflies

2015 Chip Litherland Photography Inc. The LEGO Friend themed bedroom for adults immerses you in super cute stables. So certainly it is very kitsch, but remember that you are here in a place dedicated to children!

A room for adventurers

Legoland Florida Let's continue the visit with an adventure-themed room. An adventure in Egypt, apparently, as evidenced by this decor made of sand, hieroglyphs and sarcophagi.

At the heart of a pyramid

Legoland Florida The walls of this room will make you feel like an explorer discovering the interior of a pyramid. But be careful of tarantulas and snakes that can be seen on the ground!

A medieval room

Legoland Florida Here you are in a fortified castle! Decorated with shields, stone and coats of arms, this room will delight all budding knights.

Same decor for the bathroom

Legoland Florida All the rooms in this hotel are dedicated to the LEGO universe, even the bathrooms, which take up the theme of your room. You will notice the characters printed on the shower curtain, or the crown in LEGO, very real this time.

A LEGO restaurant

2015 Chip Litherland Photography Inc. The restaurant will also delight young and old with its colorful decoration and its characters that whet your appetite. To wait before being served, children (and adults!) Can even take care of coloring the placemats provided for this purpose.

The swimming pool

2015 Chip Litherland Photography Inc. And we have saved the best for last! This hotel also offers a large outdoor swimming pool on which giant bricks float. All around, multicolored deckchairs will allow you to enjoy the Florida sun.


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