Deciphering Téva Déco: The British teenage bedroom

Deciphering Téva Déco: The British teenage bedroom

This week in Téva Déco, Sophie Ferjani and Thomas Lecointe will customize a 10 m2 teenage bedroom with a "British" style. Dark colors, lots of furniture and a decorative nod to not forget the original theme but also a workspace for homework. Our two decorators have thought of everything.

A brick effect wall decor

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions Burgundy red, brown, dark colors were preferred in this room to be as close as possible to the British style. To recall the architecture of London buildings, Thomas chose a brick effect wallpaper.

A "faux parquet" floor

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions On the floor, the decorators opted for a dark brown parquet effect vinyl, inexpensive and easy to apply.

Total London immersion

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions As for the walls, you will have the impression of being in the heart of London with red tile wallpaper and adhesive, representing the streets of the English capital, on the furniture in wood.

A custom headboard

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions Made with chipboard, wadding and bolts to obtain the Chesterfield effect, this very British headboard in sky "patinated leather" will perfectly suit your theme and is very economical .

A sofa bed for sleeping and entertaining

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions Adolescence is the age when you sleep a lot and have lots of friends. So to have a good night but also a good time with friends, Sophie and Thomas chose a 120cm double bed (sofa and bed) to leave a circulation corridor.

A desk with simple boards

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions A work space is essential in a teenager's bedroom so to put an office without losing space, Thomas has the solution. He simply used wooden planks, which he cut then assembled next to each other and placed on "industrial" trestles to always remain in the "British".

Accessories of all types

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions To enhance the English side of this room, you have to add a lot of accessories. English pouf, cushions and duvet cover with the Union Jack flag. Do not hesitate to vary the shades of colors and mix the furniture for a cozy and pleasant room.

A small room with lots of storage

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions Small room saves space. From the large closet, to the "tote" trunks to the small metal shelves, our two stylists have done everything to not lose space and so that your child keeps the habit of having a tidy room .

Editor's pick: the English phone booth style screen

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions It is surely the flagship element of the streets of London so to perfect this English spirit, Thomas has unearthed a pretty red screen imitation telephone booth. It will also bring some bright color to this room.