Recreate a boudoir-style lounge

Recreate a boudoir-style lounge

Very feminine, the boudoir style settles in the living room thanks to charming furniture, warm colors and shimmering materials. To create a small, intimate and cozy living room at home like at the time, let yourself be guided by the essential accessories to adopt.

A velvet armchair

Maisons du Monde Very refined, velvet is a must in a boudoir-style living room. We therefore advise you to opt for a large room such as an armchair in red or purple tones to bring a little note of luxury.

A wallpaper with baroque accents

Graham & Brown In a boudoir-style living room, the color red is used to cover the walls and create an intimate atmosphere. For this, we choose more a wallpaper with baroque patterns than a simple stroke of paint.

A round service

At the Portes de la Déco As a coffee table or at the end of the sofa, we put on a pretty round trolley. To add a more practical side, we opt for a model with small castors.

A cozy bench

Maisons du Monde In a boudoir-style living room, you separate yourself from the traditional sofa to make way for a chaise longue or a charming fabric bench seat in which you sit in style to watch TV or read a book.

A glass base for the lamp

La Redoute Bring elegance to your boudoir living room with refined accessories like this glass table lamp. Installed on each side of the sofa, it is they who create the cozy atmosphere when lit.

A baroque mirror

Maisons du Monde To complete the style, we obviously put on a large baroque-inspired mirror. In a large room, you can also opt for two smaller and colorful models that you will come to fix above the sofa.


Maisons du Monde Very used to hide secret correspondence, the secretary is also very decorative in a boudoir-style living room. Indispensable accessory to accompany it, a pretty style chair in fabric.

Velvet cushion

La Redoute If you bet on a boudoir lounge in purple tones, you can add to the decor, a nice velvet cushion of the same color. We like the padded side which makes the cushion very chic.

Heavy curtains

At Organza A final but not the least touch, the choice of curtains. Bet on a very thick pair of silk effect to accentuate the intimate and cozy side. For color, prefer dark tones.