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Vampire makeup: 9 scary and easy inspirations

Vampire makeup: 9 scary and easy inspirations

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1. Dark but girly vampire makeup


A vampire makeup, okay, scary makeup, three times yes, but not without retaining a minimum of glamor? Easy. We create a smoky by surrounding the eyes with black eyeshadow, then we use a pencil, a kohl or a black liner to draw drips up to the middle of the cheeks. The result is scary, but brings out the eyes! We color the eyebrows in black with the pencil, we provide a black lipstick enriched also with drips on the chin and for the girly touch, we add rhinestones above the eyebrows.

2. A retro and bloody vampire makeup for women


Want a Marie-Antoinette-style vampire makeup resurrected? We use a red eyeshadow on the eyelids, emphasizing the hollow of the eyelids and the underside of the eyes. With a pencil or a black liner, we paint the eyebrows and we do not forget to draw one or two flies, above a cheekbone and above the lips. We finish by mouth with a very bloody red gloss, to apply as a drop on the chin, then with a good spray of dry shampoo to whiten the hair. Colored contact lenses are optional!

3. A pale vampire makeup for kids


The little ones dream of frightening? We put on makeup with an impeccable composition for their fragile skin and we start by whitening their complexion with white eyeshadow. We then use a burgundy eyeshadow all around the eyes to widen the dark circles and make them look sickly… A good stroke of black pencil to thicken and darken the eyebrows further accentuates the contrast, it only remains to refine the bloodthirsty vampire makeup with a red or burgundy pencil that drips from the lips to the chin!

4. A vampire make-up with Dracula's fangs


For Halloween or a birthday, we transform adults and children with a cape and a voucher Dracula vampire makeup ! The secret ? Complexion and fangs. We put a white shade all over the face, then green on the forehead and in the hollow of the cheeks. We add a touch of red around the eyes for the globular look, we draw eyebrows in circumflex accent with a black pencil… and we finish by painting the lips in black, except for two small white triangles on the lower lip for simulate fangs.

5. Scary crumpled vampire makeup


For those who have a minimum mastery of make-up, we embark on a Stunted monster vampire makeup. We start by whitening the complexion before using a purple make-up under the cheekbones and on the chin, then a blured black to hollow out the wings of the nose, the folds of the mouth and the forehead. It only remains to draw with a good black pencil: the nostrils, the entire top of the eyes, eyelids included, wrinkles on the forehead, welts on the nose for the crumpled effect, and under the eyes to imitate wrinkles . We finish by painting the mouth in black, before drawing fangs at the corner of the lips!

6. Easy vampire makeup for the little ones


When it's about choose a vampire makeup for small children, there is no need to scare them too much ... especially since they will not sit still without moving long enough for a masterpiece. The method ? We whiten the complexion with a make-up suitable for children, then we pass a gray or black on the eyelids and around the eyes to dig. We conclude by painting the lips in blood red, without forgetting the drops dripping from the corner of the lips towards the chin!

7. An ultra-bloody fast vampire makeup


For a easy vampire makeup suitable for both girls and boys, red and black are provided. The black around the eyes and the lips, and the more it drools, the better… the red stamped with a makeup sponge under the eyes and under the lower lip, like a bloody feast that would have gone wrong. No need to even have a costume to scare, I promise, but girls will appreciate ephemeral coloring for more effect!

8. Scary but ultra-chic vampire makeup


When we have the costume, the vampire makeup must go with. To accompany the cape and the jacket, we start by plating the hair back with gel and then whitening the complexion with a make-up. We add blured black around the eyes to deepen the dark circles, before thickening the eyebrows with a black pencil and drawing an inverted triangle at the top of the forehead to imitate the Dracula cut… a touch of bloody lipstick later, kids are ready to scare the whole neighborhood.

9. Terrifying vampire makeup for men


For men who want a scary vampire makeup but without lipstick or eyeliner, we put everything on a pretty earthy and sickly complexion. The thing ? We unify with a white eyeshadow, then we deepen wrinkles and folds with a gray eyeshadow. Around the eyes, we choose a yellowish brown to accentuate the bad glow. And we do not hesitate to conclude with an ephemeral coloring or dry shampoo to whiten hair, tacked back like any self-respecting Dracula, with optional false vampire dentures!


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